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Hannah Jadagu warns us not to “Think Too Much” in debut single



18-year-old indie singer/songwriter Hannah Jadagu released her debut single “Think Too Much” on Sub Pop Records. Jadagu grew up in a small town in Texas, but is now attending college in New York City. She creates all her music on her iPhone.

Jadagu had this to say of her debut single on Bandcamp:

‘Think Too Much’ is the only song that I’d written with the intent of putting it on an EP. Sonically, I was challenging myself to make a song that was high energy, fun, and a ‘bop,’ as I like to call it. At the time, I remember listening to a lot of Dayglow, Jean Dawson, and Winnetka Bowling League, and thinking to myself, ‘These people are making such catchy and fun songs without even trying.’ Then I thought to myself, ‘You’re really thinking too much.’ I asked all my friends what they thought about ‘too much,’ compiled their responses, chose some fun chords and rhythms inspired by Snail Mail and Phoenix, and went to work.

Check out the music video:

Keep an eye out for her debut album due out this spring.

Stream the song here

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