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Industrial rock band Julien-K bring a 90s-esque sound in new album ‘Harmonic Disruptor’



~ Harmonic Disruptor contains an enticing pull that swells higher and higher as the record moves through each track ~

The most prolific pieces of art often are born out of tragedy, as industrial rock band Julien-K has experienced with the loss of their dear friend and Dead By Sunrise bandmate Chester Bennington. Driven by this insurmountable loss, their new full-length album Harmonic Disruptor contains an enticing pull that swells higher and higher as the record moves through each track. Harmonic Disruptor was written during their original grieving process and confronts their deep, pulsing anguish felt from losing Bennington. As the strongest track on the record, the “Shut Down Your Soul” music video envelopes the band in blue and purple hues, matching the swirling atmosphere delivered by the song’s full-bodied power chords and echoed vocals.

Harmonic Disruptor is a return to our roots. Not just our early days in the Orgy “Candyass era”, but a return to the music and energy that shaped us. Ministry. Nine In Nails, Broken. Skinny Puppy. Killing Joke. The 90’s. The music that was waking us the fuck up when we were in high school. JKHD is an intense album. During the writing of the album we lost our best friend, Dead By Sunrise bandmate, and co-collaborator Chester Bennington” says the band.

They add, “Harmonic Disruptor took on a brand new meaning. A very tragic and personal meaning. This album became our outlet to deal with the pain of losing Chester – a pain that would have destroyed us otherwise. This was our chance to scream and be angry.”

1. Harmonic Disruptor
2. Cross
3. Stronger Without You
4. Lies Like Fire
5. Shut Down Your Soul
6. As The Sirens Call
7. Burn The System
8. Undo Everything

Julien-K will be joined by their legendary original drummer and Dead By Sunrise bandmate, Elias “Bones” Rodriguez, on a virtually perfect tour pairing.


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