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Heros Gabri Sleepy Hollow Single Heros Gabri Sleepy Hollow Single

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Armenian Rocker Heros Gabri Releases Debut Single “Sleepy Hollow”



Featured image by Aleksandr Vardanyan

L.A.-based guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Heros Gabri, recently made his platform debut releasing the single “Sleepy Hollow“.

Gabri got his start on the crest of a musically influenced adolescence with his father being a musician. He picked up his guitar at the age of 13 and has since reaffirmed his commitment to music through performances at iconic concert venues such as the Whiskey, The Roxy, The Viper Room, Troubadour, and House Of Blues. He’s also composed original music for the Amazon Prime show Goliath. Recently, he revealed his independent solo project under the name “Heros Gabri”. 

Break-out track “Sleepy Hollow” is spacious and awakens the mind’s eye to the opening title sequence of 2000s feel-good movies. As a fan of The Beatles and other classic English rock bands, Gabri’s track holds a gentle post-Britpop influence that percolates subversively from the onset vocal filters, creating a light and carefree sound.

In reference to the subject of the song, Gabri talked about the significance of location and sparks of formative lyricism. He reflects, “Every day for seven days I went to Sleepy Hollow trail and wrote the song. The other 25% of the song, I’ve had for years. So it was like a piece of the puzzle that I finally found.”

Appending this track is an easy-going music video starring frontman Heros Gabri (lead vocals, guitar) and guest band members: Orbel Babayan (lead guitar), Sam Babayan (guitar, backup vocals), Alexy Yeghikian (guitar), Tadeh Petrossian (bass), Zareh Ter-Stepanian (drums), Fernando Perdomo (keys, bass, drums) and Everett Kelly (horns).

Check out the “Sleepy Hollow” music video, featuring cameos of the namesake hiking trail:

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