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Historian gear up for ‘Distractions’ release with new song “Witch Hazel”

Anna Maria Lopez




Who says you have to wait a year or more to release albums? For prolific L.A.-based indie rockers Historian, that timetable is a mere suggestion.

This January, the band will release their third full-length record in less than a year. The new album—and the band’s seventh overall—Distractions, will follow Hour Hand (released February 15, 2019) and Spiral Again (released June 14, 2019).

Yet despite the small timeframe, Historians have not even begun to run out of creativity. Distractions breaks from the sound listeners might expect given their previous releases. The album is demonstrably less polished than previous records, creating a frenetic energy backed by a spacey and fuzzy sound reminiscent of Radiohead and Deerhunter. Frontman Chris Karman’s Leonard Cohen-esque vocals tie the album together, leaving the listener feeling as if they were in a (pleasant) fever dream.

Lead single “Witch Hazel” is perhaps the biggest deviation from Historian’s usual sound. The fast-paced, guitar-driven track even dares to dabble in the realm of punk.

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However, while Distractions takes different risks than Historian’s past records, listeners will find familiarity within the ambient echoes present from start to finish. With all 11 tracks blending seamlessly in and out of each other, Distractions takes care to remain holistic and cohesive – an increasing rarity these days. In an age of streaming where artists and fans are more focused on individual tracks than the entirety of an album, Historian breaks the norm.

Distractions will be available January 17, 2019.

 Distractions Track List

  1. Understand (Already Gone)
  2. Uniform
  3. The Tension
  4. Ambition
  5. Witch Hazel
  6. A Lost Key
  7. Misinformed
  8. Still of the Night
  9. Not Safe
  10. Already Gone (Understand)
  11. Triangles

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