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Honyock releases ‘#13’ EP with video for “The Quarry”



Honyock is an indie rock group that recently released their EP #13, celebrating with a music video being dropped for one of their singles off of the compilation titled “The Quarry” released back in June.

When diving through a sea of indie, it is sometimes hard to find little gems. Honyock may be relatively unknown but provides a classic indie sound with a grittier rock undertone that is extremely satisfying. The four tracks on #13, including “The Quarry,” all provide a keen sense of alternative edge that may spice up your indie life.

Honyock is signed with Park The Van, an indie record label with a specialty following. The label features growing artists such as BOYO and Dustin Lovelis which provides a nice familiar home for Honyock to develop their artistry.

“The Quarry” was originally delayed in early June to give presence to the BLM Movement. Honyock even contributed to Park The Van’s compilation Banded Against Racism with their haunting song “Boutonnière.” However, all creative works for #13 are now released, giving us smooth grooves and psychedelic visuals to help us through quarantine.

Watch the video for “The Quarry” here:

Stream #13 now on SoundCloud.

Follow Honyock on their socials:

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Kira Proctor is a recent UCLA Communications graduate with a passion for music and live events. In yearning for creative expressions, she has seen over 100 bands live, hosted her own radio show, and worked with companies such as Girlie Action Media, TEDx, and GeekRockTV in PR, Marketing, and Journalism. Kira lives her life searching for the next piece of entertainment that she can help develop.

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