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Hope Tala unveils indulgent new EP ‘Girl Eats Sun’



Featured image by Tulula Sofitsi Docherty

UK singer Hope Tala is making waves with her newest EP, ‘Girl Eats Sun.’ The six-track EP is a polished reverberation of ethereal vocals blended with a timelessly nuanced alternative R&B style. Standout track “Easy to Love Me” effortlessly captures a weightless presence. Rapper Aminé is featured on Tala’s most upbeat track, “Cherries,” which complements the female-empowered track “All My Girls Like To Fight.” Tala’s voice hypnotically entrances the ear, seductively capturing a cohesive collection of songs. The lyrics of the six tracks blissfully examine the delicate nature of young love. Tala successfully engages emotion through a lush collaboration of eclectic harmonies. 

Tala reflects on the EP:

This is the worst year ever, and music can’t solve the tangible things but I hope ‘Girl Eats Sun’ gives you a few moments of happiness / peace / escapism / reflection – whatever you need. I’ll treasure the experience of making this project forever. Enjoy <3

Listen here:

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