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Hopsin drops video for “Be11a Ciao”



Independent superstar Hopsin shares his a new video for his hit “Be11a Ciao” and it has some seriously eerie, V for Vendetta vibes that the general public digs, big time.

A month ago, Hopsin, who has been featured by Ebony and Psychology Today, dropped the video for another new song titled “Alone With Me”  and it was admired by 5,808,385 views and counting.

Finding an artist as honest and true to himself as Hopsin is difficult because he really is one of a kind. However, Hopsin’s success isn’t new. In 2007, the Los Angeles spitter, producer, director, editor, actor, first made his presence known with no-holds-barred lyricism, razor-sharp rhymes, and fearless creativity. Posting up over 1 billion streams and views outside of the system, he infiltrated the mainstream on his own terms with three gold-certified singles to date, namely “Sag My Pants,” Ill Mind of Hopsin 5,” and “Ill Mind of Hopsin 8.”

Hopsin isn’t just a talented artist, he’s also quite the successful record label owner/founder. Undercover Prodigy label houses all of Hopsin’s work, and along with that gives plenty of merch options.

I strongly believe it is a brilliant idea to support this man’s career; it’s clearly going far and has no limits in sight.

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