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How The Maine Sucessfully Dominated Two Genres



The Maine

original by Jordan Privett

On the cusp of their 10 year bandiversary, the Arizonian quintet—containing Kennedy Brock, John O’Callaghan, Jared Monaco, Garrett Nickelsen and Pat Kirch—have developed a superior sound on their 6th studio collection, Lovely, Little, Lonely, a record vibrating with notes of solidarity and nostalgic tunes. With more than twelve, fretful tracks, The Maine’s first and only independent wander substantiates that there is, truth be told, escape in casting off old systems for the startling obscure that is exploratory domain. There is security—opportunity, even—in investigating those unfamiliar directions, an insurance impact that turns into the leitmotif of their most up to date record.

While getting their start in 2007 on Myspace, the American Alternative Rock band from Arizona is not unfamiliar with the fame that is following their latest album release. After being signed to Fearless Records in December of 2007, the group debuted with an EP titled, The Way We Talk. It wasn’t soon after that in 2008, the band then released their first full-length album titled, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop and began touring with We The Kings, Boys Like Girls, The Cab, VersaEmerge, There For Tomorrow and many others. That following Summer in 2009, The Maine really got a taste of stardom when they performed for the first time on the Vans Warped Tour, pumping their pop-punk sound into eager ears of “scenesters” (refer back to Myspace stardom). Each with bright personalities, members of The Maine dove headfirst into swooped-hair cuts and hands in the shape of hearts. Almost all bands they performed next to on tours throughout their pop-punk/emo glory didn’t make it out alive, with nothing but tacky leftover shirts to show. Rather than beating the already dead scene phase, The Maine took the high-road of alternative rock and left their old sound behind with 2011’s Pioneer. 

Pioneer, which they re-released in 2012 under the title Pioneer and The Good Love and contained 6 previously unreleased tracks, would originally fall short of fans’ expectation but Pioneer would be the one to save the band. With an album full of songs that have some big hooks, gigantic choruses, and even some distorted guitars, it goes to show that The Maine intended to grab this genre and take it for all its worth. In 2013, the band announced their fourth studio album, Forever Halloween, a nice balance between melancholy and wistfulness nostalgia. Two years later, after working endlessly on the album, the band released their fifth studio album titled American Candy, mixing a blend of pop-rock and americana to create the unique sound that encompasses the brand of The Maine.

This leads us back to today. With Lovely, Little, Lonely, The Maine has refined their eclectic and ultimately rare sound by be unafraid to explore the unknowns and by creating a sound that gracefully matures and grows with their fans. If you haven’t listened to The Maine or even know who they are, drop what you are doing immediately and immerse yourself in what we call beauty and pure talent.

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