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Hyro The Hero shares “FU2” feat. AJ Channer



Hyro the Hero has released his new track “FU2” featuring AJ Channer of Fire From the Gods.

“‘FU2’ is action-packed,” Hyro explained. “AJ Channer and I went absolutely crazy on this track. We are in a wild time in the world right now that I feel pushes division. I’m all about the people, but certain powers have used social media to keep us fighting. Though the message is strong, I do not want it mixed up with any agenda. I’m 100% about the 99%.”

Channer added, “Hyro and I go way back and a collaboration together is long overdue. I’m so stoked on everything he’s been doing and taking part in this song means so much to me. I only hope we can play it together one day on tour!”

Check it out:

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