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Iglooghost shares stunning video for “Big Projector”



The third single from the forthcoming, Lei Line Eon, “Big Projector” continues Iglooshost’s exploration of Lei music. The Dorset musician combines orchestral arrangements and spacey, experimental production into something altogether interesting. Lei Line Eon is due out April 2 of this year. 

The artist has also started the Glyph Institute where they’re documenting their process of connecting with and exploring Lei music. The most recent entry, “A new expedition, communication with the Big Protectors, etc.” explores the process of creating the single “Big Projector. Other entries include an introduction to Lei music and similar process breakdowns for the first two singles released. 

Iglooghost released”Big Projector” along with a video, which stunningly explores the process of creating the song. The artist also animated, directed, and produced the video themselves. 

Check out the video:

Iglooghost said of the video: 

I recently started a research institute to study a special subgenre called Lei Music. This video documents an expedition we took to a place known as the M⚮rlands. This infinite biome of rugged granite and soil surrounds the towns that practice Lei Music & very little is known about it. It is inhabited by strange organic drones known as Celles, yet the few people who have stepped into the M⚮rlands have struggled to form any type of contact with these beings. Our expedition’s purpose was to establish some kind of communication with the Celles & learn more about their existence.

Stream “Big Projector” here. 

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