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Indonesian artist, RAMENGVRL, drops her newest single shutting down toxic beauty standards



Indonesian, hip-hop artist, RAMENGVRL, drops her newest single “I`m Ugly”. While the name of this single may seem negative, RAMENGVRL puts a spin on the title to take back her beauty. She challenges the stereotypes and beauty standards that she is faced with every single day. This empowering track for all Indonesian women is one that is much needed in the world today. This is the anti-hater track that every female needs in the harsh world of unrealistic beauty standards.

Check it out here:


RAMENGVRL shares her inspiration for the track stating, “This song is about shutting down people who like to bring us down by telling us we’re ugly or we’re not up to societies standards, but lemme tell you something: if you’re in your bag and you’re killing the game, then you ain’t ugly. IN FACT, I’d much rather be ugly with a Prada bag than be pretty with a lotta debt – perioooood! This song is for all the “ugly b*tches” out there, who might not fit society’s standards of “beauty”, but are super confident, securing the bag and basically killin’ it in their own way.”

Listen to “I’m Ugly” here.

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