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Interview: Barret Turner talks finding inspiration and upcoming releases



Texas-based producer and musician Barret Turner is ready for people to hear his music. Blending production, visuals, and collaboration, Turner is introducing himself and his music through a series of 10 singles and videos released monthly. The first single, “On Purpose, sees Turner begin to plant the seeds of that introduction through melodic and atmospheric builds. In, “Always You, featuring Will Jay, and “Never Stood, featuring Nick Dean, those seeds are blooming in a style and sound that is rooted in inspiration and positivity.

We caught up with Barret to discuss his process and what inspires him.

How’d you find your way to producing and writing your own music?

It started at a young age. My parents got me a guitar and I was just hooked from there. I love making music. From then it went from being in a small band with friends, moving to Austin, TX to pursue music, making an album, moving back to Dallas, signing to a small record label. Getting out of that, and now I’m here.

Walk me through your writing process. Do you start with a message, a story, a beat, etc?

It always changes but it normally starts with piano chords or a guitar rift. I’ll just start playing around until I decide, “I love this, I’m going to build from here.”

We’ve heard three singles so far, “On Purpose,” “Always You” with Will Jay, and “Never Stood” with Nick Dean. Is there anything unexpected to look forward to for the next seven?

I think so! A Lot of great artists, some of my favorite ones, still have not been released. I have one coming out that I know is unexpected



From the visuals for these three singles, you’re really building an atmosphere for your music with both the lyric and music videos. What has been the biggest inspiration for what we’ve seen so far?

I think the biggest inspiration has been watching little artist grow into successful artists today, and studying, as much as I can, their growth. Understanding it’s not a overnight thing, you have to water the seeds.

Who would be a part of your dream collaboration?

I think it would be awesome to make a song with Gryffin and play it live

The pandemic has obviously changed a lot for the music industry. How has making music been a part of your life these past months?

I just keep making it, same as before. I just keep going into my cave and making songs. Finding inspiration, sometimes I can’t think of stuff and nothing will be made. A week ago something was going on in my life, and–boom–I got inspired and I made 3 songs in about 4 days. I love them. I knew I had to keep going while I felt inspired.


Throwback to the start of quarantine, I saw on your Instagram a video of Carole Baskin listening to your song “Always You.” It’s incredible–how did that come about?

It was just a fun and funny marketing idea I decided to try out… People keep wondering “How?” I think it’s fun to keep it that way.

What artists or songs have you been listening to recently?

At this moment, Dermot Kennedy, I listen to him everyday. I love his voice and the music.

Ultimately, what do you want people to take away from your music?

I just want it to be an escape. Whatever is going on in their life, I hope they can listen to my music, relate, and feel good from it. I want it to hit you emotionally.

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