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Images by Benedict Cork Images by Benedict Cork


Interview: Benedict Cork talks the release of his new EP ‘Secrets I’ll Never Tell’, writing process, and inspiration



Images by Benedict Cork

Singer-songwriter Benedict Cork unveils his sophomore EP titled Secrets I`ll Never Tell. After seeing early successes with his single release from his new EP titled “Have A Good Life (See You Never)”, this sophomore project is sure to be a hit. Cork prides himself on his honest songwriting that connects him with the listener on a personal level. Cork gives his audience an inside look into his life through his songs. Secrets I’ll Never Tell touches on mental health, sexuality, identity, and coming of age in today’s society.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Benedict Cork and discuss his new release, writing process, and his inspiration behind creating his new EP.

Images by Benedict Cork

What is your earliest memory of music and how has that jumpstarted your career?

I think my earliest memories of music are all from around the house when I was growing up. I’m the youngest of four, and there was always music playing, or someone singing and practising an instrument at any hour of the day. I reckon that’s why I fell in love with music so quickly because I couldn’t escape it ever!

What was the writing process for your song “All My Famous Friends”?

I sat down with my friend Dan (Smith), on a sunny spring afternoon in Brighton, and we were having a long in-depth chat about the internet, and how we’ve lived in a time where we’ve learned to coexist in real-life day to day settings, as well as constantly sharing those experiences with strangers online. It’s an amazing thing, to connect with people you’ve never met across the world, but it can also be pretty isolating, and overwhelming at times too. So ‘All My Famous Friends’ was born out of that confusion.

Check out “All My Famous Friends” here:

Describe the creative process you took while making this EP?

These five songs were written over the course of around ten months, between 2019 and 2020. It began as an EP about exploring a different soundscape for me, with less slow piano-driven songs and more organic pop production that I love, but it quickly turned into a deep look into vulnerability, and how important that is in life. I had this title ‘Secrets I’ll Never Tell’ knocking around on my phone for a while, and when we were picking the final tracklisting for the project, it really seemed to capture the tone of a lot of the lyrics.

What elements did you put into the EP to make it a cohesive work of art?

I was lucky enough to work with two amazing producers, Tim Bran and Thomas Rawle, who helped to curate the soundscapes for the project and bring it all to life. It was my first time working with both of them, so it was a really fun learning process of trying to explain what was going on in my brain, and how to capture that on record. I also worked with Ashton Hugh who’s an incredible photographer to make a cohesive set of artworks for the whole project that we’ve been dropping throughout the campaign. Creating artwork is one of my favourite parts of the process as it’s really just an extension of the music, and building a visual world around the songs is always really fun!

What is the story of the song “Sick of The Parties”?

I wrote ‘Sick Of The Parties’ with two of my best friends and ex-flat mates Julie & Shaun who are in a wicked band called Love Sick (check out ‘Bullet,’ it’s insane!) It’s a song exploring that coming-of-age feeling of being young enough to still be stupid, but old enough to know better. A lot of my oldest friends are starting to plan for the next stage of their lives; moving out of the city, marriages, babies, building their lives beyond our twenties – and I’m just really not ready for that shit. Especially after this past pandemic year, I need to be young and foolish a little while longer. I’ve got a lot more mistakes to make and a lot more learning to do.

Check out “Sick Of The Parties” here:

Who is your dream artist to collab with and why?

Ooo there are so many. Right now I’m loving Matt Maltese. He’s an incredible pianist and singer-songwriter. His songs are so melancholic and brought me so much calm over the various lockdowns here in London. I also love Fyfe and would love to make some music with him soon. Maggie Rogers too. Oof.

What was the inspiration behind your song “The Lucky Ones”?

‘The Lucky Ones’ is all about my experiences growing up as a gay man. The first verse is detailing my life up until the point the song was written, then the second verse looks into the future at what my life could look like in five, ten, twenty years time, and then the final verse acknowledges how lucky I am to be living in a country with family and friends who are so accepting of who I am, and what that means in the grand scheme of things. It’s a really personal song but it feels like the right time for me to put it out into the world.

What can listeners look forward to after the release of your EP?

I’m playing my very first show back in a couple of weeks at the Jazz Café and I can’t wait! It’s my first proper show in maybe sixteen or seventeen months, and I’m buzzed to get in a room with my band and hear these songs come to life. I’ve also got some more episodes of my ‘Secrets I’ll Never Tell’ podcast miniseries to drop, with some wicked guests, plus a few more surprises up my sleeve. Oh and there’s a whole new record to record too!

Listen to Secrets I`ll Never Tell here.

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