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Interview: Berklee student Alex Beck discusses her musical influences, new music, and more



Featured Images by Alex Beck

Berklee Student, Alex Beck, is a newcomer to the music scene that you don’t want to miss. One listen and you will be struck by her amazing vocals and serene background music. Her major influences come from different decades combining to create a sound that emanates from the traditional pop music of today. She truly creates her own sound to differentiate herself in the industry today. Start listening now. As she builds her audience base and continues to go to school, she is the ultimate hustler with her music career. Beck may be considered underground for now, but not for long.

I had the opportunity to interview rising newcomer Alex Beck to discuss her influences, Berklee, and her new music.

Images by Alex Beck

How would you describe the journey to discovering your sound?

So, my dad had his youth in the 70s so all the music he showed me from when I was a young girl is from that era. Ever since I was little girl, I can remember my dad playing classic rock in the car and me dancing around and having a great time. One song that truly takes me back to my childhood is Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. He would play that one all the time. My dad would constantly play the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and James Taylor in the car, those were his favorites. Then my mom’s youth was in the 80s. She introduced me to 80s pop. So that basically means a lot of Madonna. So, with time I realized that my sound strongly comes from both these eras. I love rock’n roll so much and I love how pop music makes you want to dance and brings this kind of energy unlike any other genre. In my music I have molded the use of synths and grungy rock guitar and then I brought in my own unique influence of my music as well. Some artists I truly love are Tame Impala, Lana del ray, Glass animals, and Lorde. My music is what I would call alternative pop because it has an influence of rock pop and indie all-in-one.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration and why?

My biggest musical inspiration is Taylor Swift. Ever since I was a young girl, she is the one singer-songwriter I have truly looked up to. I always loved her storytelling from a young age and the way her songs had this sense of magic in them. I think from the age of about 10 was when I started going to Taylor’s concert and that truly made me fall in love with music. The way she portrays her songs on stage with Beautiful visions and the costumes and the lighting and the story it Is what made me realize that music is what I need to do. Also, Taylor made me realize that it’s so important to create your own world as an artist and truly stay true to who you are when it comes to your heart. She’s also shown me that the best decision with songwriting is taking risks and being different and telling your own story whatever that may be.

What is your earliest memory of music in your life?

My earliest memory of music would have to be when I was younger in the car listening to my dad’s classic rock and bopping my head to the music. My first time performing and realizing I love singing was my fourth-grade talent show. I decided to sing love story by Taylor Swift with my younger sister as my backup singer.  I can still remember being on the stage and holding the lyrics in my hand from the cd album pamphlet and microphone in the other. I also remember after the performance people coming up to me and saying these words of encouragement I had never heard. I just felt this warmth and love after the performance unlike anything I had ever felt before.

Images by Alex Beck

When was the moment that you decided you wanted a career in music?

The moment I decided I wanted a career in music was in 10th grade. I enrolled in choir and some other music classes at my school and I started to truly take music seriously. I have been taking singing lessons ever since I was in the sixth grade. So, music was something that was always a part of my life but I think in high school was when I truly realized that this is what I was meant to do with my life.

How has Berklee College Of Music allowed you to achieve this dream?

Berklee has helped me achieve this dream by helping me grow in every possible direction. I didn’t even know Tame impala existed before I went to Berklee and now he is one of my truest biggest inspirations. I think Berklee truly challenged me to push myself and to explore what kind of music is truly my identity. Also, I was constantly surrounded by musicians at any hour of the day really pushes your inspiration and your creativity to places you would never hear or seen before. Berklee truly opened up this world for me that I didn’t think was ever going to exist. Before going to Berklee I thought I could never write a song and now I write almost every day. Berklee made me realize that I could go and learn to Play the guitar. and before I thought I never could. I truly grew both as an artist and person. I think constantly being surrounded by creative human beings pushes you to places you didn’t know before. I truly found who I was as an artist in college. I found myself there and I am so thankful for that experience.

Without giving too much away, how would you describe your new music?

I think my new music really blends different worlds together. I have all different kinds of influences when it comes to pop and rock. I just love so many different kinds of music so I think that really is showcased in my songs.

Images by Alex Beck

What is the story behind “Born To Lie”?

I wrote this song born to lie last year in the fall. I was sitting on my couch and I wrote the words to the chorus in my notes app. “Everyone in this city was born to lie, sits pretty behind their cries…’. while on the couch I started humming the melody to the chorus. So, I rushed over to my voice memos and recorded it fast so I wouldn’t forget it. Then I ran to the piano in the other room and I finished the song that day. It truly came together really fast when I wrote it. I was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles and this city brings all sorts of people. I would say this city taught me and made me realize the kind of people I want to keep her around in my life and the others I chose to let go. In this song I’m basically talking about the toxic energy that exists in the city. People sometimes pretend to be something they’re not or they act like they have your best interest when in reality they’re just in it for themselves. I think everyone has met a person in life that they thought they were someone but they were someone else in reality. I’ve had my fair share of people that I thought I could trust but, in the end, I found out that they weren’t for me. In this city you have to be careful when finding your people but when you do it’s the best feeling. The song tells that story in a very rock’n roll grungy way.

 What goals are you hoping to achieve in the near future?

In the future I hope to be touring as much as possible and make more music than I ever have. I have constantly been writing and going to the studio making lots of music.  I am currently making an EP that I hope to put out by the end of this year.

Listen to Alex Beck here.

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