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Interview: Caleb Hearn discusses influences, newest single, and Tik Tok



Images by Caleb Hearn

Originating from North Carolina, Caleb Hearn is Tik Tok’s newest IT artist. Hearn began writing and producing his own music at a very young age. His first album `Red In My Veins’ with rapper Pardueski debuted in 2016 on SoundCloud. Since then, Hearn has been releasing songs here and there throughout the years. In 2020 he even dropped an album called `Reflections’. In the past week Hearn has received astonishing positive reactions to his newest song “Always Be 2.0” with streaming numbers exceeding two million. Hearn is a self-starter artist who is destined to make waves in the music industry.

I had the chance to catch up with Caleb Hearn and discuss his influences, newest single, and future.

What influenced you to seek out a career in music?

I have always been interested in music, but my passion for music came about at an early age when I fell in love with writing, I started out writing short stories, and shortly I taught myself how to play guitar. I started writing love songs and performing them in the living room for my parents lol. It wasn’t until this past year when I realized I could make a living at this, so when I did, I decided to give it my all and make music my life.

How would you describe the journey to figuring out your sound?

I would say I am still finding my “sound” I am inspired by so many genres/artists and it’s hard to box myself in to one “sound” but I think I’m starting to find it. There’s a balance I’m trying to find with what I love to make and what works and I think when I find that I will have my sound.

Image by Caleb Hearn

 The song “You Know” is your second highest streamed track on Spotify, how did this song come about and did you know that it was going to gross listeners?

This song was one of the most fun songs I’ve ever written and recorded and when I finished it, I’m not going to lie, I thought it was going to be a hit. All of my inner circle loved it and I just thought it would be a good single to put out before my album. The song came about from a personal experience, in which I feel like at times I can be a “mess” and a “handful” but my girlfriend always finds a way to put up with me.

What does your specific songwriting process look like?

Songwriting is probably what I enjoy the most, but I do most of the writing inside my home studio. I try to think of a concept first, like what kind of story I want to tell, and then I try to come up with a really catchy punch line that ties the song together.

 How did the video for “Distracted” come about/ What is the concept behind it?

I knew distracted was going to do well before I released it so I really wanted a music video for it. I found someone from the Charlotte, NC area who was recommended to me to shoot the video. I wanted my concept to be mostly just a performance video, but with really cool scenery.

Check out “Distracted” here:

How did it feel to have your song “Always Be 2.0” blow up on Tik Tok/ From personal experience how has this impacted your life?

“Always be 2.0” has changed my life completely, I’ve been pursuing music but it wasn’t until this song that made me realize I could do this. Blowing up from Tik Tok is super cool as well, because I feel like people can support you as an artist and not just by the song because they see your face, what your about, and everything in between.

 Obviously, the song “Always Be 2.0” is very personal to you, what is the story behind that song?

 My best friend since I was in middle school passed away in 2017 from a hiking accident. I wasn’t there but I was invited to go that day. From the moment that he passed I have had this emptiness in my heart that I’ve never known how to deal with until I wrote “Always Be 2.0” The song allowed me to grieve in a way that I’ve never been able to and it’s honestly ironic that it was music that allowed me to do that because he was my biggest supporter as well.

Check out “Always Be 2.0″ here:

Who would you name as your biggest musical inspiration and why?

NF. He is a very multidimensional artist who I can relate to in so many ways. He’s honestly been a therapy for me in my life and I look up to him as an artist in so many ways.

 What are your goals for your music career/ What can listeners expect to look forward to in the near future?

Everyone reading this and listening to my music can expect a whole lot more music to come. I plan to work as hard, if not harder, going forward and I have so many goals for the year of 2021 and my career as a whole. I want to ultimately be able to live a comfortable life doing what I love, while surrounding myself with good people.

 Listen to “Always Be 2.0” here.

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