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Interview: Caroline Culver talks new video, discovering her sound, and future goals



Now Nashville-based singer/songwriter, originally from Atlanta, Caroline Culver has officially unveiled her music video to her newest single “I Went Out With A Man”. This sure to be hit encompasses the position most girls find themselves in when navigating the dating scene in their early twenties. After all, not every date can be flawless. At one point or another, a girl finds herself in a reckless relationship which Culver proves may not always be a bad thing. Culver is already making waves as her second single, “I Went Out With A Man”, gains positive traction.

Caroline Culver

I had the opportunity to catch up with Caroline Culver herself about her sound, inspirations, and goals for the future.

How would you describe your journey of discovering your sound?

Well, let’s just say I have gone through many phases throughout the years but always seemed to keep a thread. I started out like anyone else with my guitar and my voice. People always thought of my music as more Americana when I played acoustic. However, in my head I heard more of an ambient, rockier and intense energy that only production could bring to life. So, when I met my producer Jason Cummings, he works out of a studio in New York called The Cutting Room studios, that part fell into place. Of course, with my discovery of sound it had a lot to do with experiences I had as a person which then translated to my lyrics. I think going through things in your life and listening to your emotions is how you grow as a writer. It has never been hard for me to be honest or vulnerable in my songs and which I’m so grateful because it helped me find my voice. The more I got out in the world and experienced the more I discovered who I am and what I want to say.

What was the inspiration behind “I Went Out With A Man”?

IWOWAM is inspired by a date I had (I was 20 at the time) going out with a guy in his late 20s. I had an unfulfilled expectation that he would have anything more special or exciting to offer than boys my own age. But honestly, I was naïve to the fact that were all still trying to figure things out no matter the age. It’s a story of young fairytale-like hope of finding love while still reveling in the thrill of finding my way. There’s something so powerful about being a young woman out in the world and I just wanted to capture some type of special empowerment for us ladies. Whether this song gets people through a bad date, a great date, a one-night stand or a break up – I just hope it can inspire or comfort you.

What was your thought process when it came to conveying this new single in the visual format of a music video?

SO honestly, this was a very spontaneous creative experience. Tanner (DP/Director) was only in town for a day extra so I reached out for some promo shots and he was like “NO I love this song! we’re shooting a full video” and this man extended his flight – which was crazy someone wanted to do that for my song. Already off on a great foot, so we got together and created this over the course of a few days. When it comes to conveying this new single in a visual format – I was like I want it to be dark, moody, and true to the story. Even though, there is disappointment conveyed towards the end – I wanted to make sure empowerment and confidence was mainly portrayed throughout with my performance. As a female, I think it’s important to remember the confidence and self-worth you have even when a relationship or even a simple date doesn’t work out.

Check out the “I Went Out With A Man” video here:

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

In the last few years probably Donovan Woods and BANKS

How did you come to the realization that music was your passion?

I started writing songs just on paper when I was eight. I would hide them around the house behind picture frames and under the couch cushions because I thought it would be special if someone stumbled upon one randomly. The thing about music is it’s like a secret power I can use that can make people feel things and get stuff sorted out in my head. Which is really the reason why I do this. I love to understand how I feel about things and I love how it can connect me to others.

How did it feel releasing you debut single “Honest”?

Releasing “Honest” was a really exciting experience. That was the first song I had ever written

after writing for many years – me and my good friend Daniel Nunnelee wrote Honest and I was like – okay yes this is my sound and this is something I want to say. That song will always be close to me.

Check out “Honest” here:


Does your songwriting process vary from song to song?

YES, it does. I can be struck by a line or a melody or a chord progression whatever comes first – But How a song of mine usually gets created is subconsciously singing over some chords and I film all of it on my phone and then go back and listen to all the gibberish I said lol and figure out what it is I’m writing about. Sometimes writing a song takes me months or just an hour. But there’s really no in between lol.

What are your goals for your career in the future/What is your next project?

My goal is to go on tour and continue to grow as an artist. I want to release an album and reach as many people as I can. My next single comes out in January 2021. Literally one month away!! this song has been a favorite of mine for years since I’ve written it and I think it’s about time it’s out in the world.

Listen to “I Went Out With A Man” here.

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