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Interview: Cohlman discusses his brand new release “Drip Drip,” musical influences, and creative process



Images from Cohlman

Hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina, Cohlman Bishoff is making a name for himself through his music at just 19. In 2020 alone he has released several singles that have gained positive traction. Cohlman’s single “Lmk.” featuring Kota alone has 389,771 streams. Just recently he has seen a rapid jump in listeners for his single “Salt.” He has 43,709 monthly listeners on Spotify and has accumulated 1.5M likes on TikTok that sees growth every day. On March 19, 2021, Cohlman released his brand new single “Drip Drip” with much anticipation.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Cohlman in honor of his new release to discuss the making of “Drip Drip,” musical influences, and his creative process.

Images by Cohlman

What is your earliest memory of music?

My earliest memory of music is probably listening to POD or TFK in the car with my family when I was just a little kid.

Describe the process of making your new single “Drip Drip.”

The process behind ‘Drip Drip’ was actually pretty simple, I wanted to be honest about my money and make a song about how I’m broke. A lot of rappers these days like to flex their money in songs and so I decided to be honest and let people know it’s okay to not have “Drip” and to be broke, you can still make a hit out of it.

How did you develop and create the cover artwork for “Drip Drip”?

The cover art for ‘Drip Drip’ was actually completely designed and animated by one of my fans. She’s helped me tremendously in creating pieces for me in the past so I hit her up for this single because I love her style of art.

Images by Cohlman

What was your favorite part of the process when making “Drip Drip” and why?

My favorite part of making ‘Drip Drip’ was probably when I first started writing to the beat on TikTok live and seeing everyone’s reaction as I was writing the song. My friend Harrison who produced the song sent it to me while I was live-streaming and I started freestyling to it on Live and that kind of was the start of the whole song.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations and how have they impacted your sound?

Currently, my biggest musical inspirations are Mac Miller and Smino. I study their cadences and flows often. As well as the way they pronounce their words and carry them out into melodies and such. I also study their mixes a lot and layering of their vocals because they’re unlike anyone else in music right now.

How did you create “Twisted Traditions”?

I created Twisted Traditions in my room almost all in one night. I wanted to make a song addressing our society and how I feel most people follow traditions rather than their own ambition and aspirations. Once I started writing I just couldn’t stop. I love how it came out.

What is the story behind your song “Lmk.” featuring Kota?

The story behind Lmk. is really just my thought process shortly after my first heart break last year. I wrote the song a few days after the breakup coming from a deep place of pain and hurt. We actually locked ourselves in Kota’s cabin for 24 hours to record the whole song. It’s my biggest song so far and definitely a fan favorite.

What are your future goals as an artist?

My future goals as an artist are to not only “make it” in music but also tour the world and just overall be happy. Music helps me cope with my feelings and I think I won’t truly be satisfied with my work until I can say I made it. I also want to build a diverse fan base from trap lovers to alternative/indie lovers. That’s why I make such a variety of music.

Listen to Cohlman here.

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