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Interview: Columbia’s The Raz release album, lyric video



Where does the name The Raz come from?
We were looking for a name and there are not many good ones left. Nick the guitarist said “Hey David Lee Roth named Van Halen because he thought it was a cool name for the band. You have a cool nickname man , why don’t we call the band RAZ”. Then he said “all the greatest bands in rock history have the word THE in front of their name”. So it became The Raz.

What has it been like growing up in Columbia and being able to play at venues there and be relatively close to hotter spots like Charlotte and Charleston and others? Some of your favorite venues to play at?
Columbia used to have a great music scene thru the late 90’s. Now there is only a handful of places to play original music if that many. You can find a cover band venue on almost every block. I have always gone to Charlotte for concerts and other events. NC has always been more rockin’ than SC. In Columbia we play mainly The ArtBar in the Vista and New Brookland Tavern in West Columbia. In Charleston we played The Sparrow. In Summerville just North of Charleston we played Shooters. In Charlotte we played the Keg & Que.

How did you all meet and come together?
I met Nick the guitarist while I was working at Guitar Center in Columbia. He and decided to put a band together and started looking for musicians and writing songs. I have known David Mcbee for many years. He was living in France and I was sending demo’s to get his opinion on them. He told me he was moving back to SC from France and when he did he wanted to sing for The Raz. When Dave got here he came down and sang and that was that. We were using another drummer at the time that was having some family issues at the time and left the band. I put a post on FB about needing a drummer. A friend tagged Adam our drummer in the post. Adam got in touch with me. He came over and blew us away. He was the 1stdrummer to audition and we didn’t audition anyone else.

How excited are you for the release of the debut album?
Very excited, it is a dream come true.

Have a favorite song on the album and why?
Tough question, It would have to be our 1st single “No One To Blame” a song I wrote about a friend of mine who was an amazing guitarist that died way to soon because of a bad habit. My favorite song to play live would be “My Woman” That I wrote about my Fiancé. It is just a fist pumping fun song.

What made you choose “No One To Blame” as the first single?
This song seemed to be everyone’s favorite that heard it. Everyone seems to love this song. So it was a easy choice.

What are your plans for 2018? Supporting the album?
Playing live as much as possible. We have dates through the beginning of June and adding more each week. After the CD release party at the ArtBar on the 10th. We will be in Florence at 507 Live opening for Wayland on Feb 24th.
That is the son of Jackyl singer’s band. They are a great rock band!!

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