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Interview: Eden Hunter talks her musical inspiration, her new release, and what is to come



Break-out artist, Eden Hunter, releases her debut single, “Weightless” independently. This whimsical single highlights the positive reassurance that comes with a meaningful friendship. Not only does the pop of synths elevate this track but the storyline that Hunter portrays is unlike any other artist. “Weightless” is the first single in the story that she plans to artistically continue through future releases.

I had the opportunity to talk with Eden Hunter and get the inside scoop on her inspiration, new release, and what to expect in the future:

What is your earliest memory of music?

Other than constantly putting on shows for my family, my earliest memory of me being a musician and singing was when I was about 11. It was our year 6 concert and I decided I was going to sing for the first time ever in front of everyone. I went for the safe option (not) of singing ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera…acapella. I know it certainly wasn’t one of my finest performances however I do remember feeling like an absolute queen, I was so proud of myself and that’s when I think the bug of loving performing and wanting to go on and be a performer started. 

 Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

This is a really tricky question because I pull inspiration from so many different sources. I absolutely love artists like Elton John, Lady Gaga, George Michael, Anne Marie, Queen, Dua Lipa. They all inspire me across the board with their journeys and work not only for their music but being activists. I am also really inspired by artists like L Devine, Rina Sawayama. I mean oh my god they are just incredible. As I play instruments I am also really inspired by composers like Ludovico Einaudi, I could just go on and on. 

What is the story behind your new release, ‘Weightless’?

Weightless I wrote about a really awkward in-between I was feeling. I think being creative my emotions are particularly heightened a lot of the time because you have these amazing highs but then these awful lows and it is hard to find a balance. My best friend Tom literally just hugged me so tight when I was inwardly feeling really really low and it felt like nothing else mattered at that moment other than that I was being physically held by someone who really cared about me. It genuinely felt as though this heaviness I was physically feeling in my heart was gone and I felt ‘Weightless’. 

It is so important to have people around you that you feel genuinely really care. Not to offload my issues but just to have mutual care. I feel so lucky that I have that. 

How did the concept for the “Weightless” music video come into play?

I knew I wanted something very minimalist for this video as it was the first video I would ever be filming, I didn’t want to overcomplicate it. I trained in musical theatre so having elements of dance in my visuals are really important to me because I like to express how music makes me feel. I wanted the concept to have an essence of purity and lightness hence the colour palette and the cloud concept but I also wanted to feel in control and somewhat royal. I had this idea with my friend Imogen that we would recreate iconic looks from musicians and the white outfit I wore was our first creation, playing on the iconic Elton John white feather look. 

Check it out here:

How important was it to release this debut single independently?

Being independent I never realized was so important until this moment. Firstly I didn’t realize how much I was capable of. With help of friends of course I literally did this whole thing on my own from set building to concept creating to team leading. It has forced me to figure out who exactly I am because it has been up to no one else other than me. I have always been someone who is headstrong and a natural leader but at this stage, it is so important to be in control of what you want and how you want it. This way I know that when people do come along to help me further my career they know exactly what they are getting rather than trying to help me find who I am they can help me further who I am. I have had interest but most people so far have been confused as to why I am not writing about teenage girl heartbreak, sadly none of that coming until my heart is actually broken! 

What artist have you had on replay?

Always the Spice Girls, but recently UPSAHL, Rina Sawyama, Ldevine, Kim Petras, Tom Grennan…chefs kiss

Explain how it felt to sell out Bush Hall and play to that audience?

There is no better feeling for me than performing live. I felt like I had proved myself to myself. I always seem to forget to celebrate how far I have come regardless of how far I have to go. But it is so important to be like ‘Woah I did that’ and the show at Bush Hall definitely gave me that feeling. I felt so much love in the room it was just an absolute pleasure to be able to share my music with everyone. 

What are your goals as an artist?

My first goal is to continue being happy and proud of all my accomplishments thus far. I want to be able to create a space for people to feel heard and safe when they listen to my music. I know what it feels like to be the one that has so much going on in their head but finds it hard to articulate it sometimes and so it is really important to make creative opportunities available to people from all walks of life. I hope I will get to a stage where I can create 24/7 and be able to just try and experience all that I want to. 

What can fans expect to see from you soon?

Well, well, well, my next single may be coming sooner than you think! They can expect a lot more visuals, shows, merch everything. I am only getting started and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working so hard on. 

Listen to Eden Hunter here.

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