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Interview: Hannah Hausman talks new single, college, and life post-COVID



It seems like Hannah Hausman has done it all. The small-town Tennessee beauty queen turned rising indie-pop star nearly lost her voice after a virus damaged her vocal chords, leaving her unable to even hum.

But Hausman fought her way back to her singing dreams, working with a vocal therapist in Nashville to restore her voice. “When it got very hard,” she said, “I would think about two random sisters driving down the highway, jamming to my song, feeling alive and in the moment, the way my sister and I did listening to our favorite artists when we were growing up. I wanted to give people that joy, the way it had been given to me.”

Now with her voice restored to its former glory, Hausman is back stronger than ever. She boasts more than 45,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and a dedicated fanbase on TikTok.

She recently signed to Quadio Records, and just last month released her latest single “will i ever feel like this again?”

We caught up with Hausman to talk about the new single, her time in college, and more.

How does it feel to have “will i ever feel this again?” out in the world? How has the response been?

It feels so great to have wieflta out in the world! I wrote it a year and a half before it was actually released and it went through a few different versions of production styles, but I’m so happy with how it turned out! It was my first solo song that I had released in two years and just my second solo song ever, so that was super special!

Who was the first person you had listen to the song once it was finished?

The first person that heard the song was actually the guy I wrote it about lol. I wrote it on piano when I was living in Nashville and he lived in LA. I recorded a voice memo of the original idea and sent it to him. I never really told him it was about him, but I’m sure he got the hint considering we ended up dating a few months later.

The first person to hear the final version though was my best friend Jade!

The concept for the music video is so cool! How did you come up with the idea for it?

Thank you!! I wrote wieflta to navigate my conflicting feelings and I wanted the music video to showcase those same emotions I felt when I was writing it. My best friend Jade directed the video, so we brainstormed a bunch of different ideas and ended up landing on the three different scenes to represent three different phases of emotions I experienced at the time.

The blue room represented the numbness and apathy I felt when I was trying to decide what to do. I felt trapped in this relationship that I used to long for and I wanted this scene to represent that.

I always wanted to record in a rain room and it felt right for the chorus of this song to be set there. This section represents the sadness and loneliness I felt when I realized I needed to walk away from this person that I had spent so long romanticising in my head.

The third location in the underpass represents freedom. Filming at that specific underpass in DTLA was so empowering for me because my ex and I had filmed there a year before. At the time, I felt like I was under his control and I didn’t know how I would possibly get out of the relationship, but a year later I was free.

The song ends back in the same room that it begins to represent the realization that even after walking away there might still be times when I still long for that person. The video ends with a scene of me looking out the window, secretly hoping to see this person again, but knowing I shouldn’t.

What were the most challenging and most fun parts of the filming process?

Making the music video was so much fun! Filming in the rain room was definitely my favorite part! I get cold super easily and the water was freezing though, so I was shivering the whole time.

Imagine COVID’s over and you can snap your fingers and choose any city and any venue in the world to perform “will i ever feel this again?” live; where are you picking and why?

If I could perform anywhere, I would loooove to perform in Sydney, AUS. When I lived there I went to so many shows at the Metro Theatre so it would be sooo special to perform there one day. It would also be crazy cool to perform at Ascend Amphitheater or at the Ryman in Nashville because I used to work at those venues in the summers and always dreamed of being on stage one day.

There tends to be this pervasive idea within the music world that higher education can somehow be antithetical to pursuing a music career, but that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case with you. Can you tell us a little bit about your time at UT Knoxville and Hillsong College in terms of your musical aspirations?

One of my favorite parts of the music industry is that every artist’s journey is unique. College definitely isn’t for everyone, but at the time when I graduated high school I had no idea it was even possible for me to have a music career. I studied journalism because I thought it would be fun to be a music journalist, but I ended up taking a ton of poetry classes and writing a poetry book for my honor’s thesis which was soooo immensely helpful to my songwriting. I interned at a bunch of music labels and radio stations and I realized deep down I really wanted to write my own songs more than anything. So I graduated early from UT and went to Hillsong in Sydney to study songwriting.

For me, I feel like college was very helpful because I work best when I have a little bit of structure to my creativity. In studying journalism, poetry, and songwriting I learned a lot about different styles of writing and it pushed me to experiment with new ideas and structures that I wouldn’t have necessarily practiced on my own.

Lastly, any future plans you can share?

I’m working on my first solo EP right now to be released later in the year and I miiiight have a new song coming out next month 🙂

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