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Interview: James Gillespie offers a refreshing perspective on the aftermath of heartbreak



Though James Gillespie’s undeniable heartache emanates from his latest single and associated music video, “Foolish Love, the songwriter surprises us with his revelation that, if given the chance, he would not undo or rewrite the relationship he once shared with a former lover. Admirable, right? Gillespie confirms that his track is, in essence, a bearing of his soul that enabled him to recreate painful emotions from the past—yet appreciate the time in which they emerged from a more removed lens. 

We had the opportunity to ask Gillespie himself about the personal significance of his song, and how its release fits into the larger picture of his development as an artist.  

First off, congratulations on the success of your latest single! Does “Foolish Love” differ from your previous music in any way, and if so, how?

Thank you!!! I think differs in two ways. Lyrically it’s pretty rare when I can write about a past love in an almost HAPPY way. I have a bunch of regret and it feels good to write about something that doesn’t belong there. I also think that musically it’s far from what I’ve done in the past. The way the chords are played…the build in the pre-chorus….It’s all stuff that’s very out of my comfort zone. Hahaha.

What was your inspiration for the song, and do you feel as if its production allowed you to process the emotions tied to its creation?

The inspiration is always real life. I won’t go into detail but it’s basically about not regretting a love from a long time ago… and 100% re production!!! The drop on Foolish, the piano builds and most importantly the strings in the second verse. It wouldn’t be the same without them. 

As you mention repeatedly within your lyrics, you “don’t regret it.” What do you believe to be the significance of this refrain?

I think that it’s easy to say that you wish you had never fallen in love with an ex, or that you regret meeting that someone. To be honest enough to admit that you don’t regret falling in love and being hurt is new for me. All the emotions you went through when you were with that person – good and bad – all made you who you are today. And it’s only natural to wonder what could have been. 

Are there any particular artists or genres that have influenced your style and image as an artist?

So many. Dominic Fike, Citizen Cope, Matt Maeson to name a few. All totally different but bringing an equal amount of raw talent and before-their-time-ness. Is that a word?

And finally, where do you see yourself going from here? Do you have any musical goals you wish to achieve in the immediate future?

I think it all depends where my life goes. So I have no idea!!! All I know is that I want to tour more. I miss playing for people. I also think I’m ready to release two albums in one year. Haha. There is so much I’ve written that I need to get out there. If anything – just to help people understand a little more of who I am. I can’t do that with just one album 😉 


Stream “Foolish Love” here.

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