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Interview: Jamie Miller isn’t done serenading all of us



written by Ashley Oken

The 23-year-old singer is just getting started.


jamie miller


Welsh-born and LA-based 23-year-old singer Jamie Miller set Youtube and Spotify ablaze with his new single “Here’s Your Perfect”, based on his real-life heartbreak, and he’s not done yet. He was featured on The Voice UK, coming in third place, and was subsequently signed to Atlantic Records where he’s working on his upcoming debut album. The video for the single perfectly illustrates how art can come from a devastating experience, with a pensive Miller ruminating on the memories he shared with his love and watching the relationship crumble under infidelity. After some reflection and blaming himself, the singer finds a happy ending- or something close to it- by its end, gaining the understanding of perfection sometimes lying in how you let someone go. With the soulful tune honing in on a message of self-respect and the relatable nature of heartbreak, it soared to 3.4 million views on Youtube this past month and 300,000 streams on Spotify just this week.



Nu Sound caught up with Miller via email to chat about his new single “Here’s Your Perfect”, his upcoming debut album, getting through heartbreak, and more.


Your new single “Here’s Your Perfect” superbly captures the feeling of heartbreak. What inspired you to write this song and focus on love?

“I got my heart broken and “Here’s Your Perfect” was written a month after (that). It was one of
the easiest songs I’ve ever written. I guess good things sometimes come from heartache, right?”

You’ve said that “Here’s Your Perfect” is about “turning heartbreak into something beautiful”. What advice do you have for those who are struggling to do that?

“I still struggle with it. Surrounding yourself with amazing people who love you for you is the best
way to cope.”

Bruno Mars is one of your big music inspirations. What other artists inspire you and how does that impact your songwriting?

“Bruno Mars is my biggest inspiration. I also love Tori Kelly, Kelly Clarkson, and Shawn Mendes.
The way they write makes me want to push myself as an artist.”

Since your time on The Voice UK and your subsequent signing to Atlantic Records, you’ve become a digital artist, sharing your talents across social media platforms. How do you protect yourself from burnout?

“Of course, like other artists, I do get burned out, especially since the pandemic started.
However, at the end of the day, it’s my dream and I’ll always fight for it.”

When can your debut album be expected and will fans be treated to new music or any
surprises as you roll it out?

“You’ll have to wait and see, but a lot of exciting things are coming up. I have some big tunes and
anthems that I’m really excited about!”



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