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Interview: January Jane talks serendipitous encounters and playing a gig on the moon



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New York City trio January Jane is riding high after releasing their Your Drug EP in September. The alternative-pop band consists of Pat Via (lead vocals/lyrics), Mitch Mitchell (guitar), and Peter Scialla (keyboard). The two music videos from their Your Drug EP, “Versions Of You” and “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do),” have racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

We caught up with January Jane to chat with them about the band’s chance meeting, their new EP, and what they have coming soon.

How would you all describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you play yet?

Pat Via: The soundtrack to the city that never sleeps, with lasers and stuff 🙂

Mitch Mitchell: Someone once told us that we sounded like 30 Seconds to Bruno Mars’ Muse. I’m not sure I completely agree with that, but luckily our new EP, Your Drug is out, so you can listen and help determine if that person was spot on, or full of s&^t.

The founding of January Jane is a great story of chance and chemistry. Would you mind sharing a bit about the encounters that formed the band?

Pat: We met at an art gallery on Jane Street after being introduced by a mutual friend. After meeting up to write and creating a song in 10 minutes, we knew there was something happening. When the city brought us all together, we took it and ran. So we kept meeting up and here we are, about a million meetups later.

Mitch: Yeah, NYC just seems to have more hours in the day… Is that why they call it “the city that never sleeps? Or maybe NYC has a substance abuse problem? Either way, we always said “YES” to every opportunity, and that certainly increased our chances for serendipity to occur.

New York City seems to be an important theme around your music. How has NYC influenced your music?

Pat: NYC has shaped not only our music but our lives as a whole.  It has that magnetic energy that has brought us to places and connected us to so many great people I don’t think we would have met otherwise. And like many of the buildings, it’s built us brick by brick into who we are.

Mitch: We used to take turns hanging out of the windows of our recording studio in Midtown, Manhattan—with microphones to capture the sounds of the city. So NYC is literally in our songs… including our song, “NYC” off of our new EP.

What can we expect in the future from January Jane?

Pat: More music, videos, and touring on the horizon, stay tuned @januaryjane on all socials for updates!

Mitch: A proper Moon performance! RSVP @januaryjane

Listen to the Your Drug EP here.

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