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Interview: Lucy Spraggan talks TikTok, sobriety, and her new album ‘Choices’



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UK-based folk-pop superstar Lucy Spraggan jump-started her music career in 2012 with her viral and groundbreaking The X Factor (UK) audition featuring her hit original single “Last Night,” which currently has 50 million views on YouTube. Nine years and five albums later, Spraggan is sharing her 6th studio album, ChoicesThroughout her career, Spraggan has faced many challenging and life-changing choices, making Choices her most intimate and meaningful album yet. 

Choices Album Cover

We checked in with Lucy to hear about her newest album Choices and her decade-long journey of performing and releasing music. 

Congratulations on the upcoming release of your sixth album Choices! How would you describe the evolution of your music career spanning from your 2012 X Factor UK audition (which has nearly 50 million views on YouTube!) to this album in 2021?

I think it’s been a natural evolution – I guess that happens as you age! Especially with creating things. I would say it’s probably a bit more serious now. Not serious like moody, but just more observational and mature. I don’t drink anymore, but in the same way, I wrote about drinking then I’ve written about my sobriety now. I cover all kinds!


Do you have any wise words or warnings for 2012 Lucy about her experience in the music industry over these nine years?

There’s no way of changing my path up until now, but I guess I would have told her to keep her head in the music. For a long time I didn’t really know where I belonged in this industry. I always wanted to be a credible songwriter but my ‘way in’ was so TV and commercial it was hard to be taken seriously for a while. Every year I see a change in my audience and listenership, so I am really happy where I am now.

TikTok has blown up as a social media platform. As a user of the app with over 80k followers, you’ve shared a variety of entertaining content ranging from fitness and wellness to showcasing some of your music. I’m sure you’ve come across your hit song “Last Night (Beer Fear)” go viral on the app with users filming before and after clips of a crazy night partying. What are your thoughts on the funny trend and TikTok in general?

Tiktok is definitely a ‘younger generation’ app for me, haha! I find it quite hard to navigate and it’s quite a process to stay ‘on trend’. I’ve seen some really great clips on there and my song Last Night has been hashtagged 16.4million times. It’s wild!! I still am not the best user!


unfortunate series of events @ryenne @emilyyybutcher #fyp #Stitch #brokenleg #foryou

♬ original sound – SunriseMusic


Not sure what to call this one either 😂 #lesbiansoftiktok #lucyspraggan #lastnightitoldyailovedya

♬ original sound – Lucy Spraggan

You have been very open on social media with your fitness journey and dedication to a healthier lifestyle over the past couple of years. Do you think this journey has impacted the making of your music?

Absolutely. I write about what is going on in my life, so this record definitely reflects the relationship I have with myself in general now. I write more music because I spend more time listening to music when I’m working out, I’m inspired by how things make me feel. I’ve definitely been more creative than I’ve ever been now I’m sober. It’s great.

Any special meaning behind the album’s name, Choices?

I wanted a name that summed up the last couple of years. To me, making choices was what changed everything. Big ones, small ones, I wrote about them all.

What can we expect from Choices? Do you find it similar to your past work or a step in a new direction?

It’s got a message of perseverance for sure. The underlying message is to be strong and believe in yourself. In that respect it’s similar to my past work. In terms of sound, it’s pretty different. I’m proud of that. I wanted to feel like there’d been an evolution and I’m glad it’s the production that changed and not the writing so much.

Were there any particular songs from the album that stand out as emotionally challenging to write and sing?

“Sober” is a hard one. It’s very honest. The reasons why I don’t drink anymore can still sometimes sting, so it can be quite emotional. I cried writing a few songs!

Have you missed performing in front of a live audience? Do you anticipate performing live anytime this year with more of the UK opening up?

I’ve missed it more than I could ever imagine missing anything. I’ve done it my whole life. It’s the best feeling in the world. All we can hope for is something like normal to return soon, for so many reasons, but my biggest being doing what I love.

How will you celebrate the release of Choices once it’s out on February 26? 

A big fat cake!

Stream Choices now on Spotify!


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