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Interview: Munn gets honest about setbacks, his favorite song, and uprooting his life



Images by Munn

Zachary Munn, better known as Munn, began his dive into music at the young age of 15. He began by learning to play the guitar and songwriting, and became serious with his music career during his sophomore year in college. As life changes for many, Munn made the decision to change his course of life and focus solely on music. He wrote his first song in over a year called “I Tried. Soon after, he connected with his now manager and producer, Dylan Stiles. Munn left school and his hometown in Indiana to pursue his music career. He and Stiles moved to Nashville, Tennessee to excel in the industry. After his latest release of “I`m Fucked, I Know,” I would say he is gaining the traction he has always hoped for.

Images by Munn

Munn gets honest as he discusses his setbacks, favorite song, and uprooting his life in the following interview:

How would you describe your journey to discovering your sound?

The journey to discovering my sound was a bit of a struggle to start, but I guess that probably goes for most artists. At the end of the day, it was trial and error. Not only is it trying to find the sound I like, but more importantly creating a sound people can connect to, and that fits my writing style.

What does the song “I Tried” mean to you?

“I Tried” means a lot to me for a lot of reasons. To sum it all up, it was the song that really helped me break out of an all-time low point after having my heart broken. It was also the song that made me realize I might actually be able to do this whole music thing.

Check out “I Tried” here:

Who would you name as your biggest musical inspiration?

My biggest inspiration would most definitely be Jon Bellion. I know my music sounds nothing like his, but I’m so inspired by his musical genius and artistry. His craft is so pure and not tainted by any sort of demand for a specific sound. He is his own sound.

How have the setbacks you have faced influenced your musical journey?

My setbacks are really the only thing that have seemed to influence my journey. These setbacks and failures are when I learn and grow the most, and even though it’s clique, I wouldn’t trade those struggles for anything. They’re the reason I’ve begun to make headway in the industry.

How does your songwriting process vary from song to song?

The songwriting process varies to say the least. I really don’t have a set way of writing a song. Sometimes an entire song idea will pop into my head and I’ll just put the whole idea down into a single voice memo. With that there are other times it can be a tad grueling and I struggle to write the song. But generally, the writing process is just me and a guitar and all the production is added in post.

How does it feel having “I Lost Myself” surpass 3 million streams on Spotify?

That’s tricky, I’m not really sure how to feel about it. I want to be excited but my goals are so big that 3 million doesn’t feel all that special. I guess I just believe in what me and my team are doing and know it’s going to go much farther than a song hitting 3 million on Spotify.

Check out “I Lost Myself” here:


How did the video concept for “I`m Fucked, I Know” come about?

The video concept was definitely a collaboration between me and the director Jake Heidecker, and even Delanie helped out with some ideas last minute! The initial idea for the video just popped into my head one night, and Jake really brought it to life.

Check out “I`m Fucked, I Know” here:


What is your favorite song you have made and why?

My favorite song that I’ve ever made is unreleased, but something about it speaks to me. It’s written very true to self, so it means a lot. On top of that I just think it’s the best song I’ve ever made. It has a lot of soul in it. I’m not gonna disclose too much, but know it’s coming early 2021 and it’s gonna be a hit.

How has moving from Indiana to Nashville impacted your career?

It’s impacted my career a ton, but not the way I anticipated it would. I figured going to Nashville would bring about tons of great connections in the music industry and help give me a boost. Fact of the matter is, nobody is gonna do it for you, and if you want something done well, you have to learn to do it yourself. The real benefit I found by living in Nashville was actually nothing more than just being somewhere different. Being away from all the craziness of home life and all the people back in Indiana has given me the ability to really focus on my craft. Truth be told, my team and I could really be doing what we are doing from anywhere in the world, no special trick about where we are. (that being said Nashville is probably my favorite city ever, it just doesn’t provide value as an independent musician really)

What are your future goals in your career/ What can people expect in the near future?

My goals are big, but I will accomplish them. I plan to go on a couple world tours, sell out MSG, and have an album and song go number 1. People can expect a lot of music very soon!

Listen to Munn here.

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