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Interview: Naila discusses her inspirations and the story behind her newest single “Forever”



Fresh- faced artist Naila just released her third single “Forever,” and with inspirations like Rihanna and Ariana Grande, this new bop is unquestionably a hit. Naila lets her listeners know that she is threw dealing with toxic relationships and letting us know that she is moving on. At just 19, this London-based singer has already rightly earned a spot in Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and has no plans of stopping there.

We got the chance to chat with Naila about her musical inspirations, the demand of the music industry, and how she came to be a singer/songwriter.

What does your music mean to you? What’s the most exciting part of writing?

My music is like therapy to me. I used to hate writing and just wanted to sing but now I’ve really taken the time to get better at writing, it’s a way for me to get down what I’m feeling and what I’m scared to say out loud.

What is the story behind your latest single “Forever” and why did you choose this song to be your single?

I thought this single would make a good comeback in 2021, coz it’s got a great beat and shows a real pop side to me that I don’t think people have seen before. There’s not a massive story behind it, it was just a thought on how I had seen some people around me being treated rather than myself. I already had the hook written going into the session and I just built it around that.

 Where did your love for music and pursuing a career in the industry branch from?

Ever since I was young I just loved to sing! I sung everywhere and anywhere, it was a real stress relief for me. Then people pointed out that I was actually good and my mum always encouraged me to do something in life I enjoy. I really loved going to concerts as well and thought they were the coolest thing, I still do tbh.

How has your career been affected given the current situation with COVID-19 and the inability to have gigs?

I feel like it really put a back burner on shows for me and growing my audience. But it was also really positive in making me a better writer and finding new people to collab with as I feel people really jumped onto insta over the last few lockdowns. It also helped me massively in really putting together a project I’m super happy with and made me take extra time I don’t think I would have with releasing music.

Who are your musical inspirations and who do you dream of collaborating with in the future?

I listen to so much music, I always find this the hardest question. I love Kanye West and Rihanna but I also really love old 50s/60s music too. I just think any good music I enjoy and take inspiration from. My dream collab would deffo be Pharrell.

How does it feel being a young artist in such a fast-paced and demanding industry?

I feel so old, I remember being 10 and thinking I was gonna be like 15 and as famous as Justin Bieber ahahah. I love what I do tho, so I don’t feel too much pressure and I feel like I enjoy working at a fast pace when things are going quick. I can get very frustrated when I feel things mellowing down, I love to be kept on my toes.

What’s in store for your fans in the upcoming future? Do we see an album coming any time soon?

I have finished my first project actually, it’s not a full album but we are deffo working towards that one day! By the end of the year there will deffo be a body out work out there for everyone to listen to and hopefully some solo shows to go along with it.

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