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Interview: Nashville duo, DOUBLECAMP, talk their beginnings, creativity, and lyrics



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DOUBLECAMP is the duo of two best friends, Joe Neary and Jordan Burmeister, who seek to create music that spreads good vibes to all who listen. They aim to create a community connection with their fans rather than the conventional artist-fan relationship. DOUBLECAMP’s listener-rate grows every day. In fact, most of their songs have reached over one million streams on Spotify. Their creativity range is unmatched as it radiates through their lyrics, cover art, and music videos. DOUBLECAMP is uniquely themselves which is a difficult attribute to find in the music industry today.

I had the opportunity to ask DOUBLECAMP a few questions that ultimately discuss their beginnings, creativity, and lyrics.


What is your band story/How did you form/Band name origin?

We’d like to tell people we were in the same cabin at summer camp and we met making a pinecone birdhouse at the arts and crafts table.  We quickly became friends and shared some Capri Sun at lunch where we discussed forming a band as a duo. The two of us at camp, DOUBLECAMP. But the truth is, we really wanted a name that felt like our fans were a part of the project too. We want it to feel like a community beyond the two of us. There was a long list of really bad names.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration and why?

I would say for me (Joe/Singer) there isn’t one main influence. I pretty much only listened to rap music, and then fell into artists like Coldplay, Young the Giant, and Jon Bellion.  I also am a big Justin Timberlake fan. Then somehow all that kind of fused together into what DOUBLECAMP is. I love music that creates a mood. I think it’s like scoring a movie. I love songs that say something in a way that’s never been said. The music should tell the story as much as the lyrics. I think all those artists do a really good job of that.

Your music videos all carry a similar vibe, how did the concept come about for the types of vibe you wanted to create?

Our music videos we shot and edited ourselves, so our goal was to see if we could do it haha. We had never done it before and we both said, hey we are either going to get like a 15 second teaser out of this or a full video. Our favorite videos are where the band is preforming the song, but in a unique way, so we just tried to constantly come up with fun ways we could tell the story/preform. Plus, with us shooting them low budget, you get to see our reality, it’s our car, our rooftop, our neighborhoods, and our bear suit we bought online.

What is the story behind “Lonesome”?

So, I struggle with anxiety/depression, like a lot of people, and I feel like I’ve been very fortunate to have a super supportive girlfriend who puts up with a lot of my shit. I noticed that when she had bad days, it almost felt like regardless of how I was doing, I would pull myself up and be there for her, because she is always there for me and I know how important that is for me when she does it. I had been thinking of this wordplay on Lonesome/Loan some for awhile, so one night when I saw she was having a tough day, it kind of clicked and that night I wrote the song in one sitting.

Check out “Lonesome” here:

How has quarantine impacted your creativity when it comes to songwriting?

So, weirdly I wrote almost 80 songs in quarantine. It was the most creative I had ever felt, because I really didn’t have any distractions. I just kind of lived in the songs I was creating. I feel like now I’m kind of in the releasing music mindset since we’ve ben stockpiling. I think not having touring has been getting to me, because that’s a huge part of the life of a song, so I’m just at the point where I’m ready to start giving these songs life.

What was the inspiration behind your song “I Don’t Wanna”?

A lot of times I don’t have a concept when I write. I just start creating an instrumental and singing words. The whole scoring a movie approach. As long as I can tell a story about some relatable feeling I get really connected to a song.  The whole song was me just writing this story and it wasn’t until the line “I don’t wanna be the one you find love after” that the song really clicked. That was the inspiration, just that feeling of not wanting to be their person someone’s with before they fall in love, you want to be the person they fall in love with. I think we’ve all felt that.

Check out “I Don’t Wanna” here:


Tell me about the story behind your unique artwork for your singles, specifically for “I don`t Wanna”

So, when I write, I usually associate colors with the song.  I also write sad/hopeful songs, and then set them to bright colorful music, so I wanted to create a world that felt like that. I like the idea that we are really working on our issues and celebrating them rather than just being sad. I had an idea for the style of art I wanted, and then we connected with our artist, @bigshotrobot and he really helped bring it all to life. Every song we try and come up with an image that speaks for the song.

“I Don’t Wanna” was the heart trophy. The picture kind of symbolized the idea of winning someone’s heart. I think that was the hopeful side of that song, that you could be the endgame for a person.

What can fans look forward to in the near future?

Lots of music and shows. More videos. We are really taking this time in quarantine to make sure that when we can get back out on the road we have lots of stuff to share with you! We are currently recording our next batch of music and hope to have it to you real soon!

What is your go-to shower song?

Outkast- “Fresh and Clean”

What is your favorite part of the song creating process and why?

My favorite part is when you write a good chorus or come up with a cool concept and find the words to express it. I love the writing most. Writing has taught me a lot about who I am. The songs are like a diary of how the things I am feeling.

Listen to DOUBLECAMP here.

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