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Interview: Prism B!tch debuts theatre-inspired rock album ‘Perla’



Featured Image by Johnny Gomez

Punk rock Albuquerque quartet, Prism B!tch, is set to drop their first full-length studio album, Perla, on March 5. The band is made up of Lauren Poole (bass, vocals), Lilah Rose (keys, guitar, vocals), Chris Walsh (guitar), and Teresa Cruces (drums, vocals). In the meantime, they’ve teased fans by releasing videos for tracks off their album such as “One Shot” and “Starlight”.

The remainder of the 11-tracks, produced by Toshi Kasai, pack a strong punch through angsty vocals and bright, space-bound sequencers. Essentially, if the teens from Spring Awakening made a punk rock album in 2021, it would be this. We caught up with the band to talk influences, video production, and supportive moms.

Check out the interview below:

Image by Johnny Gomez

What’s your band’s origin story?

Lauren and Chris first met as members of a small theatre company, where they dreamed up a plan for a performance art project in the guise of a band. In 2015, they crossed paths with recent New Mexico transplant Lilah before rounding up Teresa. Their initial project idea soon morphed into an actual band, which they named Prism B!tch. The group wanted to take “bitch” back and hold that word with pride.

Can you speak towards your pursuit to put a “mom rock” genre in power?

We love moms! So often rock music is geared towards the patriarchy. We want to keep moms in power since our moms are our biggest fans. Our moms really like our band, so it started as somewhat of a reaction to our moms’ support and their undeniable strength.

Dropping your first full-length album, Perla, is no small feat. What were your greatest challenges? 

We were anticipating touring in support of this album. We think for all bands, the pandemic derailed many plans. We’ve had to get resourceful and creative with the business side of releasing an album into the world. We’ve been doing online concerts to keep momentum, and online releases as well.

Image by Johnny Gomez

Can you tell us about the production process of the western cinematic feature that is the “One Shot” music video?

It was a DIY cinematic effort. During pre-production of a different music video, we noticed in the costume shop, all of the western wear and got inspired to someday make a western video. The song has heroic/mythic lyrics that play well to that theme. It was a two-day shoot outside of Albuquerque, in the former mining ghost town of Madrid. We woke up each day at 4 am and ended at 5 pm. It was tough because we were filming during Covid with a small crew. We had to take all of our film/musical equipment down into a canyon and pack it up each day. We had to observe Covid safe practices throughout shooting and keep the crew minimal. Our talented friends Rebekah Wiggins (director/actor) and Corey Weintraub (cinematographer) helped us bring our initial outline to life, and exceeded any expectations we could have imagined.

Am I correct to assume that films and/or musical theatre provide a lot of influence on your music?

Yes, you are correct. We all come from performance/theatre backgrounds, which plays a huge role in our development as a visual band. We all have musical theatre experience in addition to directorial/producer work.

From playing at coffeehouse open mics to touring in 2019, what has been the most memorable performing experience?

There have been so many amazing opportunities in our short time as a band. A few shows come to mind, including Webster Hall, The Redwoods, The Roxy, and Treefort Music Fest. All of these places were surreal. For example, at the Redwoods forest, we were opening for Built to Spill (on frontman Doug Martsch’s birthday) and the trees had natural reverb as we played. It was magical.

Lastly, if you could open for any band or musician, who would they be?

This is a hard question, we love so many different bands and genres of music. Teresa would love to open for Sleater Kinney. Chris would love to open for Joan Jett. Lilah would love to open for The Beatles. Lauren would love to open for New Order.

Peer into the humor and punk rock charisma of Prism B!tch by listening to Perla‘s ninth track below:

You can pre-order Perla here.

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