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Interview: rebellion with Australian band The Faim




Great things continue to rise from Australia, including rock bands such as The Faim. Last month, the four-piece group premiered their debut single, “Saints Of The Sinners” as the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show’s “Rockest Record” and the guys also just dropped second single and music video “Midland Line”! After hearing the memorable hooks throughout both songs,  we jumped at the chance to pick their brains. Dive into the meaning behind their latest releases and some of their goals below!

1) Hi guys! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to pick your Perth brains a little bit. We’re really in love with “Saints of the Sinners”, which you guys said is inspired by youth-fueled rebellion. Are you guys over in Australia following what’s going on here in America lately? What is it like seeing this kind of rebellion come to life?

Saints” is all about rebelling for the greater good. I can’t understand why people convince themselves that it’s selfish wanting more for them and their lives. With what’s going on in America at the moment with racism, parliament, police and poverty, there’s a lesson to be learned in throwing all the bullshit aside and focusing on one goal. The reason we work so well together is because we have a common vision which is to play our music all over the world. We’re big believers in the power of a collective vision. Seeing people stand up for their rights is amazing. It’s great seeing people break past their own personal barriers for the collective good. The world is starving for unity.

2) With a U.K. tour coming up, you guys seem to have a large international push going on. If you could play anywhere in the world, in any city, where would it be and why?

We all have the common goal of playing at the iconic Wembley Stadium. Playing in front of that many people would be surreal and such an amazing experience. It’s something we’re all willing to work very hard for. 

3) You’ve recently announced your spot at Download Festival, who are you most excited to watch from backstage?

Guns N’ Roses would have to be the band I’m most excited to watch as I’ve never seen them live and have been wanting to since I was a kid. Also very keen to see Bullet For My Valentine, Black Veil Brides, You Me At Six and Parkway Drive! Watching and learning from bands we’ve looked up to is going to be a dream come true. 

4) You just dropped your second single “Midland Line”, can you give us a backstory on this one? 

Back at home we all grew up near a place called Midland. Almost everyday we would catch the train or bus in the morning to school from the Midland Train Station and then also catch the bus back after school. Whether it was us getting together before school or sneaking there in the middle of the night, the ‘Midland Line’ was the place of learning and growing up. There wasn’t really a choice of whether we wanted to group up; it’s sink or swim in a place like that. 

5) You’ve worked with some pretty big names, what has been your favorite experience?

My favourite would have to be working with Pete Wentz. I grew up listening to a lot of Fall Out Boy (and still do). They’re basically my childhood band and we all feel so honoured and privileged to work with such a well renowned writer. His knowledge of not just music but the industry as a whole is incredible. Having the chance to sit down and pick his brain was a huge learning experience for us. 

6) If you could work with any big name in the industry, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Michael Jackson for sure. He’s the King of Pop. I love his melodies and ad libs, they’re all just so catchy and smart. His creative mind is something I really look up to not just as a musician but as a producer as well. I really admire an artist with such originality because it’s hard to find artists like that in this generation. 


Catch up with the guys on their socials and let us know what you think of the new singles!

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