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Interview: Rising artist Tanisako talks his musical inspirations, the meaning behind his songs, and upcoming releases



Images by Tanisako

Japanese-American singer-songwriter, Ethan Rupp, better known as Tanisako continues to climb the charts amid his career. His aim to elevate alt-pop comes with candid songwriting that anyone can connect with. His latest release “Young & Dangerous” has reached over 18,000 listens. Tanisako’s social media followers also assist in his climbing career. His covers on Instagram receive positive feedback that is sure to make listeners continue to watch and contribute to his success.

I had the pleasure of talking with Tanisako about his inspirations, the meaning behind his recent releases, and upcoming projects in the near future.

Images by Tanisako

How did you get into a career in music?

Out of high school, I went to college for mechanical engineering. I got too anxious that I ended up not making it to the final exam. I eventually dropped out because I was not fully happy with engineering. The entire time I was studying engineering and throughout high school, I was also doing music on the side. My friend went to New Orleans and I went there to join him. I majored in music business. When Covid hit, I found myself going to New York as my manager leased apartments there. I went to NY and ended up selling my car to support myself. While I was there, I made two songs that got me signed to a label called Dreams Never Die.

What was your inspiration while creating the song “Daze”?

I wrote “Daze” about my childhood and the nostalgia that comes along with it. The song details how I miss the things that made my childhood my own. Anyone can interpret this song to make it relate to their personal childhood and the memories that create nostalgia for them. “Daze” was one of my first songs and I made it about three years ago.

Images by Tanisako

How does your Japanese heritage inspire you in life and through your career?

I am half Japanese and half American. I would say the biggest place that this impacted my career was through my name. I sing under Tanisako which is my mom’s last name.  She is from Tokyo. I have family friends there that work within the music business. I will send them my songs before I release them and listen to their pointers. As far as my sound goes, I am influenced more by contemporary music. Japanese music is not part of my sound.

How did you meet Brayden and what does the future look like for your band?

He found me on the internet and wanted to talk to me. Braydon is someone who has his goals set and is focused on reaching them. When he reached out to me, he actually told me some other artists that he wanted to work with. They had way more followers than me. I would say we are very different people who come from different backgrounds, but that’s part of what makes us get along so well. We are working on our music right now. As far as the future, we could pop off together or solo.

What was the writing and production process like for “Young & Dangerous”?

I made “Young & Dangerous” in NY during Covid. I wrote it about this girl I met at the beginning of the school year. She was super energetic and adventurous. She also had bipolar disorder which added an interesting aspect to her personality. Her energy is what drew me to her. In the most simplistic explanation, we did a lot of crazy stuff when we were together. We both had our ups and downs together. Overall, this song carries a lot of rage and angst. I feel my voice and sound have evolved a lot since I made this song.

Check out “Young & Dangerous” here:

Who are your biggest musical inspirations and why?

When I first started making music, I took a lot of inspiration from female vocalists. I was drawn to a female-heavy influence because I feel that they have to truly differentiate themselves to stand out in the music world. Male singers have it easier and rise to fame easier than female singers. I would practice vocal runs and melodies from other artists. A few specific artists that have had an impact on me are The Weeknd, Adele, Michael Bublé, Lorde, and BENEE.

What can listeners expect from you in the near future?

Next month I will be releasing a new song called “Fire”. I am hoping to release a new song every month and eventually release an EP. I also will be working on the band with Brayden and I will be moving in with him soon so we will be closer and can work on more music.

Listen to Tanisako here.

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