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Interview: Shaun Jacobs talks new single “Say You Will Remember Me”



South African pop singer/songwriter Shaun Jacobs has released his new single “Say You Will Remember Me” alongside a scenic music video for the reminiscent tune. Jacobs embarked on his career in the music industry back in 2011 and recently paired up with Loki Artist Group. Jacob’s passion for his art is evident in each endeavor he takes on and “Say You Will Remember Me” exemplifies the self-growth he’s achieved thus far in his career.

I had the chance to catch up with Shaun Jacobs about his newest single, his history in the music industry, and what’s next for him in his career.

What prompted your interest and passion in creating music?

I grew up in a musical family with my brothers both being into music and playing guitar. I started playing bongo drums with them when I was about 4, so music was always around me and it naturally became a part of my DNA. Even though my passion for music started out by learning drums, when I learned to play guitar at 14 and started writing songs, I knew I was all in. 

You collaborated with music producer and DJ JBroadway on your last single “Don’t Worry”. How does this song coincide with the recurring theme of self-love in the songs you’ve released this year (“Say You Will Remember Me”)?

I think the theme I try to convey in these songs is hope. There is a lot of hope in love. When we have someone who brings out the best in us, I feel like you have more of a hope-filled outlook. Even during hard times, hope is still there to keep everything from falling apart. 

I think for me the theme I try to lock into is hope. There is hope in love. When we journey together with someone who brings out the best in us, I feel like you journey with a hope-filled outlook.

You previously stated that “Say You Remember Me” is not about what you’re taking from the world, but what you’re giving to it. Was there a particular occurrence that inspired the positive message of the track?

I once heard a quote that said, “people will remember you not for what you did in life, but for how you made them feel.” This song reflects that sentiment. It tells a story of not wanting to be remembered for achieving things, but being remembered because of how you loved, how you treated people, what you gave to the world.

You recently partnered with the multifaceted Loki Artist Group. What are you looking forward to achieving with the team?

It’s a real honor to be working with them. Amazing group of people, and I am so excited for what lies ahead, whatever that may be. I’m looking forward to growing as an artist with them. As an artist, you really need a team of skilled people in all the different facets to help steer the ship, and I feel like we’re really getting sailing now. 

What shift, if any, have you made in the message of your music in recent years?

I feel like my overall message remains the same, but I now have more chapters in my story to write songs about, and they are songs I truly can’t wait to share. 

You have been in the music industry for 10 years now. What is your favorite memory thus far amongst the success you have achieved?

I’d say playing in The Dome in South Africa. 

How do you feel you have grown as an artist thus far?

Since being in LA I have made music for projects outside of my usual wheelhouse, like Cirque Du Soleil and some brand campaigns including BMW, XBOX, and Ralph Lauren X Bitmoji. These opportunities really stretched my creativity into new avenues, which then feeds back into my own artistry. I think I’ve also learned to just jump into everything with both feet and go for it.

You collaborated with Sergio David Martinez on “Say You Will Remember Me”. Seeing as Martinez initiated the alliance via Instagram, how has the pandemic altered your creative process?

It’s altered it completely. I’ve been doing a number of sessions virtually, and it’s been interesting to see how it can still be very productive. In some ways it’s easier to set up a session where you don’t have to worry about location or traffic, and it opens up new opportunities for collaborating across borders. But I do think there can be a different chemistry when you’re in the same room. I guess moving forward we’ll end up doing a bit of both which is great. 

The music video for “Say You Will Remember Me” has a very natural feel. What was the making of that video like?

It was so much fun. The director, Jonah Skye, came up with the music video concept and I loved it. We got my wife, son and close friends’ daughter to all be in it to help tell the story of the song. So, all the relationships in the video are real, which I think really comes across. Add in an amazing and fun crew of the people who work with me at Loki Artist Group, and filming the video just felt like a good hang. 

What can be expected from you in 2021?

Lots of music! DJ duo Young Bombs made an awesome remix of the song, which is coming out on Friday 5/14! We also have a Say You Will Remember Me EP coming out with some different versions of the song, including an acoustic duet with Rynn which is beautiful. I am also re-recording and re-releasing some of my favorite songs from South Africa (which never got released in America) and have some other exciting collabs in the works, in addition to releasing a new EP later in the year. I’m excited for it all!

Stream “Say You Will Remember Me” here.

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