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Interview: The Happy Fits are making music videos, texting fans, and going back on tour



If you don’t already know the Happy Fits, they are a New Jersey-based trio that creates music in an infectiously sunny pop/punk style. The band is made up of members Calvin Langman, Ross Monteith, and Luke Davis. With over 880,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, anticipation is rising for their upcoming album announced for next spring.

We had the opportunity to ask the Happy Fits about the experience of texting their fans, playing live shows again, and their upcoming album.

Your band’s sound has been compared to a lot of other artists like The Killers, The Black Keys, Young the Giant, Violent Femmes. So how do you guys describe your sound?

Calvin: We honestly have a hard time nailing it down. We always think we are making rock music, but we’ve heard it described as folk-rock, indie, alternative, and NPR called us pop writers.  Essentially, it’s very hooky rock music with a substitution of cello for bass which gives us a unique earthy sound. We’re honestly not too hung up on pinning it down; we just want to make the kind of music that makes us feel alive and will get stuck in everyone’s heads.

You guys spent a lot of effort making music videos for all 10 songs on 2020s What Could Be Better. What did you guys learn about making music videos from that wild project?

Calvin: We learned so much! We did the first one ‘Go Dumb’ on our own and I had to learn the entire song backwards and at 140% speed. It was a challenge that took two weeks, but the end product was very “us” and we love the way it turned out. Working with some professional directors and crews on the later videos, it was a huge change of pace as it took a lot of responsibility off of our backs. The shoot for ‘She Wants Me’ was so great, as Joe Lee, Christian Strevy, and Juli St. John (the director, videographer, and set designer, respectively), all lived in the same house and turned it into a covid-safe Happy Fits wonderland set for us. All we had to do was do our little dance move and mouth the words and they took care of the rest. The videos for ‘What Could Be Better’ and ‘Get A Job’ took place over a 3-day shoot with a ton of crew members helping out the whole time. They even rented scaffolding in order to control the lights in some scenes and that was super cool to see how the pros did it compared to our DIY ‘Go Dumb’ video where we’d just wait for the clouds to move over the sun to get the proper lighting.

You guys seem to be seriously connected to your fans. You’ve done live streams, made TikToks, got fans involved in giveaways and contests, as well as actually letting fans text you. How important has this involvement of your fans been in the band’s growth?

Calvin: Since the pandemic cut off the natural way we communicated with our fan base via live shows, we had to get creative over the last year and a half. We needed our fans to know we were still trying our best to make music and spread the love so livestreams became key to letting them know we were still alive and still rocking. Since then, we’ve started a direct text line with our fans [9088665662] and that’s made our connection grow even deeper and more personal! People are so surprised when we text them back and they’re like “oh this isn’t just a bot?”. We always have to be like YES we are real and we see you and thank you for your support!

How does it feel to be back on tour after missing out on live shows for so long due to COVID?

Calvin: We just played Sea Hear Now and after not playing in our home state in almost 2 years, it was so magical! Not only was it our first festival but it was definitely the largest crowd we’ve played for. Both Ross and I teared up by the end just because after being locked in our rooms in rural Jersey for so many months, this feeling that was lost for so long came back to us all at once. I can not wait to play around the country and have a blast. Our music is made for having blasts and our fans know it and are just as excited to have a good time.

What can you tell us about the new album planned for next spring?

Calvin: We are in the middle of finishing up our third album and we know for sure this is the best body of work we have ever made. We’ve paid an immense amount of attention to detail on every track and poured our hearts and souls into writing it. The messages of the songs are less personal and more universal, and after the traumatic year it’s been in US, I’m hoping the sentiments we are going to share will resonate with our fans and new listeners. It’s a totally different direction sound-wise, but we’re keeping the catchy, euphoric Happy Fits songwriting at the core of it all.

Stream “Another Try” and “Cold Turkey” here.

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