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Interview: Them Evils’ new single “OVRDRVE” is our new rock n’ roll anthem



The pleasure was all mine during my interview with Them Evils. Hailing from Huntington Beach, CA, they’ve incorporated  sensational and genuinely gritty rock in their new anthem single “OVRDRVE. The band and I talked about their inspiration, COVID’s effect on their craft, and what the future holds.

1. Congratulations on the release of “OVRDRVE”! What inspired the track and how has the fan response been so far?

Thank you! Living in California gave us the inspiration. It’s about working your ass off and doing what you want while having the best time doing it!

2. With “OVRDRVE,” what growth do you notice in your sound and the way you approach the songwriting process?

It’s definitely a more refined and a pop sounding song. Totally different than anything else we’ve done. We wanted something simple and radio. Nothing crazy. No crazy rock n roll riffs. Just punchy and to the point!

3. “OVRDRVE” was co-written with your long-time collaborator Kevin Gruft of Escape the Fate. What does Kevin bring to the table that keeps you guys in each other’s circles?

Thrasher is an incredible songwriter and producer. I mean Travis Barker picked him up to be a full time engineer and he produces all the hit albums Barker is releasing. He’s the fucking man.

4. How has releasing songs during quarantine vs. before quarantine been different?

They haven’t. We’ve just released more in a shorter time to keep people interested.

5. Follow up: Do you think quarantine changed your artistic process, and if so, how?

Yes. We wrote with a few more people and we concentrated on the songs much more. Making a song as best we can and not just throwing paint at a wall. At the end of the day your songs are the most important. That’s why people listen to your band. Try to make it great.

6. There’s no denying that “OVRDRVE” is an anthem. In your opinion, what makes an “anthem” an “anthem”?

A solid kick and snare pattern. Gang vocals. A tasty riff. Keep it simple.

7. How do you see your hometown/roots reflected in your art?

Well Jake and I are from Vegas. Life was easy there. You didn’t have to work as hard and there was no competition to push us to create. Our music has been inspired by the grind from living in California. The endless hustle of being in a band, touring, and somehow paying rent. It’s struggle and strife to success back to struggle and strife haha!

8. Looking toward the future, what milestones are you most looking forward to with the band?

Getting out of the country. I truly believe getting out of the country where people ACTUALLY like rock n roll will put us on a different playing field. We’ve been trying to navigate and write towards the radio here in the US. We’re limiting ourselves. I think our music will do amazing in other parts of the world, especially Europe.

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