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Interview: Tiny Kingdoms



tiny kingdoms

written by Sam Reed

Your future favorite emo/pop-punk act, Tiny Kingdoms, hail from Chicago, IL and have accomplished much since their EP I’ll Wait Around was released in 2015. Having been named one of AbsolutePunk’s “Absolute 100” bands of 2015, Tiny Kingdoms managed to keep the momentum up by touring, releasing several singles, and most recently dropping an EP titled Realms. Realms was available for our aural pleasure on March 14th, which coincided with a performance at the (unofficial) SXSW Punk Talks Showcase. We caught up with Tiny Kingdoms to talk about their recent release and what lies ahead for them!


March has been a big month for Tiny Kingdoms with your EP Realms being released earlier this week (March 14th) as well as a killer SXSW Punk Talks showcase performance! How do you plan on maintaining this momentum?


March has been pretty crazy for us so far and we couldn’t be more excited about, Realms has been a long time coming for us. We head out on tour with Grievance Club this month and have a show at the House Cafe in April with our friends in City Mouth. Other tour plans are to follow!


Punk Talks is an amazing organization that helps provide free therapy and mental health services to those who work in the music industry, how does it feel to be chosen to perform at their (unofficial) SXSW showcase?


Having a chance to work with such an awesome organization is truly an amazing opportunity, mental health and therapy are extremely important to us. In an industry where you’re away from family and loved ones, it can be hard to talk about the topic, but connecting with services can be even harder for some. As their mission hits close to home, I personally couldn’t appreciate working with Punk Talks more.


Who did you enjoy most to performing alongside while you’re at SXSW?


We had the chance to play with our close friends in Woolbright for the first time; that was a treat because they’re such talented people. The whole Punk Talks showcase was filled with so much talent from Summerbruise to Sammus, Shamir, Oldsoul and Heart Attack Man, it was a great time!


Your latest EP Realms was released on the same day you performed at SXSW, was the release date chosen to correspond with your performance and if so what lead to that decision?


It was actually super cool and very lucky how well that turned out. We had been planning to release for Realms in March for quite awhile and when we picked March 14th it slotted perfectly with the showcase! It worked out perfect(great?) as we were able to showcase all new music at (unofficial) SXSW Showcase!


Where were your headspaces’ while writing the content for Realms? What can fans expect as far as the mood of the EP?


The mood of the EP is pretty accurate to how we felt while writing. It has some fun high energy songs such as “Cloverdale” and “Lightspeed!”, but there is also the more emotional songs that perfect for late night drives to clear your head in “Dawn” and “Wicked”. Life is a ride of highs and lows and this EP gives you a chance to find what you need from our experiences.


Which song from Realms are you most looking forward to sharing with your fans live?


“Wicked”, because it is a change of pace for us as a group, it’s slower but it’s filled with passion. It’s simple at the core but it’s filled dynamics and power.


What are your goals to take Tiny Kingdoms to the next level this year?


This year we’re continuing to work on extending our reach and playing some fun shows. We’re also focussing on writing a larger collection of songs.


Is there anything else you’d like to share?


Just wanted to say a quick thank you to anyone who has checked out ”Realms” or are planning too, it really means the world to us that you’d take the time to listen!


You can check out Realms on Spotify or iTunes! Catch up with Tiny Kingdoms across their socials :


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