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Interview: XNilo gives insight on new mixtape “Long Time Coming”



Spanish R&B singer XNilo brings the heat with his newly released mixtape “Long Time Coming.” With a wide range in reggaeton and influences like Pharell and Nicky Jam, XNilo’s music will catch the ears of an array of listeners. As an uprising artist in the R&B world, there is no doubt that XNilo will produce hit after hit that will make us miss having beach parties and going out for a girl’s night.

I was able to speak with XNilo about his new music, inspirations and what he has in store for listeners in the future.

This past month you released your first mixtape “Long Time Coming.” What was the writing/thought process for that like?

I was in a good place musically at the time. The thought process really came naturally without having to force anything, it was mainly about enjoying it and making music that showcases my different talents.

How has your career been affected given the current situation with COVID-19 for the past seven months?

The main thing that has affected me is not being able to perform live at shows and events as performing is my main weapon. I have put my time in to creating new music as I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to do so. I always try to take a positive out of a negative situation.

What does your music mean to you? What’s the most exciting part of writing and producing music?

Music is like art, you create something from nothing where you can express your thoughts and feelings. Music has always been what has saved me in difficult times so it’s like breathing for me, crucial.

Who are your musical inspirations and where did your passion to create music originate from?

I have many different inspirations ranging from classic R&B / Soul to modern afro beats and latin urban music to hip hop to Drum & Bass with a measure of Dancehall thrown in! I started creating music at age 14 when I found out my mum had cancer. Music saved me then and allowed me to take my mind off things.

What was the inspiration behind your new single “Bodyline”?

I made the beat first and decided I wanted the track to have a feel good vibe, using visual wording to describe someone you’re in to. I had fun making this track.

As a rising artist in the Spanish R&B world, how does it feel to be working with big artists like Famous Dex, Danny Avila and Etta Bond?

I think I mainly focus on what and who is going to add something special to my tracks rather than letting names come into the equation. It could be a nobody but as long as the vibe is right and the music sounds great that is the most important thing for me.

Can you give your fans a bit of a tease with what’s in store for the future of XNilo and what they can look forward to?

Lots and lots of new music and vibes! I can’t wait for you guys to hear the new projects I have been working on recently here in Miami and I’m sure you’re going to love it.

Listen to XNilo’s mixtape Long Time Coming here.

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