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Interview: Filth



Written by George Archibald

Carolina natives Filth are a band on the rise for underground metal. Currently, Filth is out on a 41-day tour with Insurgence, with special guests Invoker, Deadland, Loser, and Sky Burial joining them for select dates. The band born in 2015, is a mix of slam and down tuned deathcore. David Gantt’s guitar work is sludgy and heavy, with a bit of dissonance mixed in, that hits you like a sledgehammer to the face. Vocalist Dustin Mitchell has a range that goes from full out screams to low gutturals, and a stage performance that can make anyone believe he is possessed. Rounding out the band is drummer Kevin Daniels, and Zared Hardin playing bass for this tour. This band has a sound is a like a fog over the crowd thick and heavy, it’s filthy.

filth band

Filth is out on the road hyping their newest album, The Burden of Isolation, due out on July 17th, 2018. The Burden of Isolation is a follow up to 2017’s God Has a Plan. This album is promised to have the same intensity that the band is known for, with some added elements to keep its listeners coming back for more. I was able to speak with the band to learn more about their signature sound and new album that is about to be released.

GA: How about we start off with you telling me a little about the band, and how you began?

DG: Dustin and I have been working together for a long time and have been in projects together. One day we were bored and started writing a couple songs. We liked what we were coming up with, then we built on them. Now, here we are three years later touring, and about to release our full-length album.

GA: The band just released the single ‘Mirrors’ to your upcoming full album release The Burden of Isolation, can you tell me more about the writing process behind this song, and its themes?

DG: The writing process for me, was to bring back a little bit of the music I grew up on. A little bit of nu metal, with some groovy fun stuff that we all grew up listening to, but to keep the Filth vibe that we are known for since the start.

DM: (Lyrically) Mirrors is about coming to the realization of who you really are, instead of living preconceived notions of what you have to be in life. What society wants you to be, or what everyone wants you to be.

filth band

GA: What can listeners of Filth expect when they get to hear The Burden of Isolation? Will it continue down the path of your former releases God has a Plan and Tales from the Gutter; with the intensity and down-tuned mayhem, or can they expect a couple new things throw into the mix?

DG: You are going to hear some original Filth, we didn’t want to lose that vibe. You can also expect a lot more. We opened up the songs and did a lot more vocal work, as well as the guitar work. Our producer, Greg Hinck from Chop Harder Studios in Austin Texas, is a super prog styled guy and really pushed us during the writing process. He pushed the band to a new extent, he took the Filth vibe we all know, and took it to a much broader sound. Something that can be more appealing to a lot more listeners.

GA: Anyone who is familiar with The Society of the Endless Mile Podcast has heard the term ‘Gannt band’ mentioned by host Noah Sias many times. I know this was born from David Gannt and his many projects, what do you think makes your style of metal unique?

DG: I don’t know how I come about it, I just enjoy writing and that is all it is. I guess I have my own signature style when doing it. I enjoy heavy low tuned music and try to bring back the things I grew up on while playing. I don’t write to appease anyone, I write it because I like it. Hell, I listen to my band’s music more than I do anybody else. If I don’t like it, I’m not going to play it or write it, that’s just how I am with stuff.

GA: The new thing in metal now is, everything is Slam. This new style of metal to me is reminiscent of the old school grind-core and death metal of the late nineties with bands like Napalm Death and Morbid Angel experimenting with quick paced barre chords and technical patterns. Then it had a bit of a reemergence in the mid-2000s with bands like Celphalic Carnage, Disfiguring the Goddess, and Annotations of An Autopsy bringing that sludgy styled guitar playing into the mix. What are your thoughts on Slam and the current state of this style of music?

DM: I personally love Slam.

DG: I love it too, but I don’t like that bands are calling themselves Slam that are not Slam bands. Like they are just trying to hop on the bandwagon to be trendy. The whole trend thing behind it kind of bums me out. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the music, but I enjoy the old stuff better.

GA: What is in store for Filth after this tour?

DG: We have a couple unannounced tours coming up in August. Then we some other stuff lined up for fall as well as another headlining tour. Since the album is due out soon, we have a lot of touring planned. We trying to stay busy till it is time to hit the studio again.

GA: What gear is the band currently using live?

KD: I am still with SJC, those guys are the greatest! I am also endorsed by Vratim drumming shoes, and 64 Audio in ear monitors.  I also use Evans drum heads, Pro Mark sticks and MeinL cymbals.

filth band

DG: I am currently using Orange 4×12 cabinets, Peavey amplification for my head, Schecter guitars for all my guitar work, and Boss pedals. That is what I use for all of my set ups.

ZH: I am using a Behringer bass amp, a Peavey 5 string Millinnium bass, and a 5 string Ibanez Cerro. I also use Boss pedals as well. I use anything that will make the tone thick and nasty.

GA: For vocals, Dustin do you have any sort of warm up or vocal techniques you do before taking the stage to get ready?

DM: I usually just hum a song to myself or sing something low to warm my vocal chords up. The best thing to do is sing a song to yourself to warm up. No cold water, you want room temperature.

GA: Where can people keep up to date with the band online, and if they wanted to buy merch where can they go to get it?

DG: Right now, we have pre orders up for The Burden of Isolation dropping on July 17th on our Big Cartel store. It is, all our merch is online there. You can also catch us at a show, all of our tour dates are on Facebook ( and Instagram (@Filthband). Our music is everywhere as well, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play you name it, we are there.

GA: Anything else you would like to add?

ZH: People should bring us Taco Bell at shows. (everyone laughs)

DG: I want to thank everyone for rocking with us, with out them there is no us. A huge thank you to everyone who supports the band it is way more than we could have ever thought.

I want to wish the guys from Filth well as they continue with their tour. There are still 30 stops left before they wrap things up on July 2nd.

filth tour

Also, be sure to check out The Burden of Isolation when it drops on July 17th. Please check out the latest single ‘Mirrors’ from that upcoming album.

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