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Isaac Lewis drops new song “Slow Down and Chew”



Emerging Pittsburg-based artist Isaac Lewis just put out a new single “Slow Down and Chew.

The track is co-produced by Lewis and Jerome Potter of DJDS, who has worked with high profile artists like Kanye West and Khalid. This indie electronic offering is the genre-fluid singer/songwriter’s latest release of 2020, following tracks like “Keeping Busy,” “80 Degrees,” and “Velvet.” In a statement about the song, Lewis said it’s “easy to be consumed by these grandiose ideas of what I’m supposed to achieve next […] in life & music. However, it’s important to appreciate every moment along the way and to remind myself that longevity probably won’t exist if I look at the creative process through the lens of what rewards it’ll lead me to, rather than what ideas I can offer the world. “Slow Down and Chew” is my self-reminder to be guided by passion instead of chasing an idea of success.”

Listen to “Slow Down and Chew” on Spotify:

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