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iyla drops striking new video for standout single “Flowers”



Last fall saw the release of inventive singer iyla‘s debut EP War + Raindrops. Since its release, iyla has been steadily growing, with 21+ million combined streams. And it’s not hard to see why. All the songs on her EP are beautifully well-constructed and engagingly hooky. Vocally she slides into your ears with a low-key ease, making her lyrical ideas stick almost instantly. But what she’s also been really great at is crafting striking music videos with the help of her chief-creative-collaborator Embryo. The two previous videos have been top-notch works, but today marks the release of her best one yet with one of her best songs “Flowers.”

“Flowers” is just the kind of track that is poised to pull in legions of new listeners right around the point ilya sings “fuck flowers, what flowers?” From there, you’re definitely in on what she’s laying down. The production boasts some layered punches of sounds, all of which ilya utilizes to her advantage, staking a commanding lead over everything blooming around her. The video doubles down on the song’s enjoyability with quick cutting scenes complete with bizarre, colorful imagery and multiple surrealistic costume changes.

Speaking about the video tying into the song’s theme, iyla says:

“There’s this stereotype that women just want the finer things in life. Mess up, cheat on us, treat us badly, but as long as we get those flowers, it’s all going to be okay. But that’s just not the truth. I would rather have your honesty and your support than flowers, however beautiful they may be. So the video challenges this stereotype by showing an overload of flowers that I just don’t want. It also has an Alice in Wonderland element to it: when I get the love and support I need, I grow, as opposed to shrink.”

Check out the video for “Flowers” below.

iyla may be an up-and-comer now, but in 2020 that all might change. Looking ahead, she plans to drop a second EP followed by a North American tour. The singular artistic vision of iyla is something to be cherished. And with all of her work thus far being as great as it is, we cannot wait for what’s to come.

In the meantime, stream War + Raindrops right below here.


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