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James Blake shares “Are You Even Real?”



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The unparalleled James Blake released a brand new single on July 8, co-written with songwriters Starrah and Ali Tamposi, that will definitely trigger a few tears to stream down your cheek. The airy and wistfully beautiful “Are You Even Real?” directly follows Blake’s drop of the single “You’re Too Precious” and his collaboration with Mustafa on the track “Come Back,” both of which came out in April. 

The song is the poetic utterance of a deeply felt love; it is a prolonged and even bewildered recognition that a certain person can and is actually real. The title speaks for itself, as it is an outward exclamation, a verbally expressed account of a unique and intimate connectedness that can exist between two people. It is a telling of a love that perhaps may not even be consciously acknowledged as “love,” but the strength of the tethered bond is present and felt and continuously and actively wanted. Blake’s voice floats with his lyrics of yearning, which allows the listener to float right alongside him whilst simultaneously succumbing to that same feeling of yearning. We want what he is experiencing; we desire the mere prospect of experiencing those similar transformative sensations of infatuation and awe, to want to consume someone else entirely and then to be entirely consumed by them

Blake’s long-time girlfriend Jameela Jamil also cheekily posted this on her Instagram: “my boyfriend put a song out yesterday called “Are You Even Real?” And it’s really good. Check it out. I think it’s about our dog, Barold.”

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