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Jay Khan taking over Germany at 35



Guest Post by Karina Kurani

Jay Khan is one of the most successful artists in the German music industry today. At just 35 Jay has a vast experience as performer, musician and successful entrepreneur. Definitely impressive but let’s start from the beginning.

The gifted singer was born in London, however his stay in England was not long . At a very young age, Jay moved to Berlin. Growing up,Jay had an interest towards sports,in Tennis in particular. There was even a point in his life where he had to choose between a career of a professional tennis player or developing himself as a musician. Jay has made a decision to make music his first ambition and he certainly was not mistaken.

His first success and recognition came when he wrote a song for German boyband called ” Overground ” in 2003.
Just a couple years later in 2005 Jay became a member of a boyband himself. With the band ” US5 Jay has sold millions of albums in Germany. Formed in 2005, US5 had it all : platinum albums, sold out tours and an army of fans. Since the band’s first single ” Maria”, US5 dominated the German charts releasing one hit after another. The boys from US5 also had success outside of Germany. US5 collaborated with Robin Gibb on a remake of Bee Gee’s ” Too Much Heaven ” in 2007.

After US5, Jay has proved that he is capable of much more than just being a main stream ” Popstar “. Following a short pause Jay has presented an alternative music project in German called ” GrossStadt Freunde”. Despite the music being very different from US5, ” GrossStadt Freunde ” received a very positive reaction from the audience.

So what is Jay up to now? His career took yet another turn! In 2017 he entered the german folk music chart with his single ” dein Bodyguard ” . The song was released in April and skyrocketed straight to number one on iTunes!

Aside from music Jay is an owner a successful restaurant in Berlin. Together with his father Jay opened restaurant appropriately named “Padre e Figlio” – ” Father and Son”
The restaurant serves superb Italian cuisine. Judging by high ratings in social media and local press, this is definitely a restaurant to check out.

Throughout his career Jay has definitely proved his talent and I’m sure he has much more to show! If I ever had the chance to interview him I would ask ” how does everything that he starts turns into ” gold “?

To keep up with Jay follow him social media
Or visit his website

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