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Johan Lenox features Cousin Stizz on “Phases”



Johan Lenox has teamed up with fellow Bostonian Cousin Stizz on his new track “Phases, which doubles as the first track off his forthcoming album.

“This is the first single off my upcoming full-length album What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?” revealed Lenox. “On the album I try to understand why it feels impossible right now to reach adulthood or even just some sense of maturity. Is this my own personal failing, or is my entire generation doomed in our struggle to attain an American Dream that never really existed? Or both? On ‘Phases,’ my character rolls their eyes a bit at friends who make big, seemingly arbitrary life changes in an attempt to better themselves. It’s not clear if I’m supposed to be in the right here. Meanwhile, fellow Massachusetts artist Cousin Stizz sings about needing to keep moving and not always having the luxury to dick around in the way that I seem content to do. After working with Stizz as a producer on his last album it was an honor to have him bless this track with his words.”

Check it out:

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