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Johanna Samuels questions “Nature’s Way” in new single



Johanna Samuels released new single “Nature’s Way” off her upcoming album Excelsior!, which is due out May 14.

The Los Angeles-based indie folk singer was named after the classic Bob Dylan song “Visions of Johanna.” This folk pop single is the second song to be released off of Excelsior! and comes with a music video.

Samuels said this of her upcoming album on Bandcamp:

Before making this record, I felt the furthest from myself that I ever had. There was a lot of cognitive dissonance–wanting to pursue my music while also feeling good about who I am as a person. This record is a lot of me identifying what I don’t want to be & recognizing the importance of listening to each other, understanding that a conversation doesn’t have to end because one person has to be right & the other wrong.

I made it during a very snowy winter with Sam Evian producing at his new cabin studio in the Catskill Mountains. We tracked live to tape, laughed a ton & ate amazing meals. I’ll never forget where I was at when we made it & I’ve learned so much since–through both beautiful realizations & some very painful, disappointing experiences. I’m grateful for all of it because I’ve never felt more like myself. I feel resolute in what I believe & in my musical relationships & friendships. I love the record we ended up making & the personal growth it paved the way for.

Watch the music video:

Stream “Nature’s Way” and pre-save Excelsior! here

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