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Album Review: John K releases ‘Love + Everything Else’



Hailing from Florida, John K creates his album to give listeners the feel of an eternal summer they can put on whenever they need a little sunshine. John K was named the “Artist of the Month” by Elvis Duran himself. In 2019 he signed to Epic Records. On November 13, 2020 John K released his album Love + Everything Else. His first single from this album, “If We Never Met”, quickly surpassed 20 million streams on Spotify. While John K is a new artist, his success has not been stunted because of it. If anything, the freshness that he brings to the music scene has elevated him as an artist.

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With the release of his album Love + Everything Else, John K delivers a sound that is unlike the usual releases in his genre. His album has a classic pop sound mixed with hints of jazz to deliver the calming feeling that comes with a summer hit. The first track on the album is titled “Let Me Let You Go” which opens with a melody you can`t help but tap your foot to. This track tells the story of coming to the realization that sometimes you have to burn the bridge when you like someone and let them go instead. The second track on the album is titled “Parachute”. This track is something everyone can relate to as John K sings of falling in love with someone so strongly that he would be willing to go all in or in his words “fall without a parachute”. The third track on the album is “If We Never Met”. This song is also on the topic of love. A song created to make everyone feel at ease with their decisions that have brought them to the point they are at now. For John K, that was meeting someone who gave him the opportunity to change and jumpstart his career. The song “6 months” continues on showcasing John K’s talent for writing a love song without the usual slow accompanying melody. Instead “6 months” has the instrumental background that a listener can put on and feel uplifted.

Check out “6 Months” Here:

John K proves to reimagine the typical love song with his fifth track “Cheap Sunglasses”. This track is something everyone can relate to and I mean everyone. This track tells that sometimes you lose things too easily whether that is love or your sunglasses. “Learning How To Love” is the first track on ‘Love + Everything Else’ that showcases a true EDM style showing the diversity that comes with this album. The track “Happiness” is a song of the loneliness that comes when you miss someone who used to be there for you but no longer is. John K sings about sadness with an arguably positive accompanying instrumental. He returns to his happy-go-lucky summer lyrics with “Days Like This”. Do not be fooled. John K shows that he does not limit himself to summer feel-good songs with his heartbreaking track “ILYM” which I can already see being played at weddings. To close his album John K has his song “If We Never Met” featuring country superstar, Kelsea Ballerini. John K delivers an album that is both ready to be played at parties while also being played into headphones when you find yourself going through a hard time.

Listen to Love + Everything Else here.

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