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Joji & Diplo, Daylight Joji & Diplo, Daylight

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Joji & Diplo pre-release “Daylight” single



Canadian-born singer Joji released his single, “Daylight,” a collaboration with Diplo, on August 6.

It’s an upbeat track detailing the aftermath of a party, its calming aura obscuring lyrics drenched in disappointment and hopelessness. The music video is much the same–it begins with a psychedelic, absurdist film set where Joji and Diplo feature as part of the set crew. But it ends with Joji stranded in space, continuing the sci-fi plot linking through the rest of Nectar‘s pre-released tracks.

“Daylight” is from Joji’s upcoming album, Nectar, which is to premiere on September 25. It follows other released songs including the viral “Gimme Love,” the bittersweet “Run,” and the mellow “Sanctuary.”

Check it out:

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