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Jordyn Lyric creates an indie pop fever dream with new EP ‘Personal Nightmare’



Jordyn Lyric has dropped her newest EP ‘Personal Nightmare.’

After being in the Philadelphia music scene for the better part of a decade, Lyric has a discography that spans many genres. Personal Nightmare explores alternative pop as it goes through the pop world while feeling like a nightmare and fever dream wrapped in one. The tracklist feature four songs “Girlfriend,” “Lavender Vanilla,” “Blue Eyes,” and “Venice.”

So what style can we expect from Lyric’s latest release?

“Showing a fully matured style that falls somewhere between alternative pop, indie rock, 80’s / 90’s diva worship and synth heavy singer-songwriter; this impressively pieced together EP highlights not only Lyric’s soaring vocals but also her abilities as a songwriter.” To create this style she channels artists such as Angel Olsen, Grimes, Lady Gaga, Ariel Pink, and Lizzy Mercier Descloux.

All songs written and performed by Lyric herself were produced and engineered by Dylan Tasch at Medley Garage Studio.

Lyric’s self-produced merchandise for the EP can be found at her Thread Society store. We expect to hear more new music from Lyric early 2021.

Stream Personal Nightmare now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Check it out:

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