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Josie Proto releases powerful feminist anthem, “I Just Wanna Walk Home”



Calling attention to deep-seated anxieties and looming dangers of male advances experienced by women across the globe, Josie Proto initiates an international discussion regarding this unsolicited harassment with the intent to incite positive change. 

The music video, co-directed by Laura Marcus, features the faces of a handful of brave individuals who empathize with Proto’s fatigue and anger, both of which stem from simply existing as a woman within modern society. 

Check it out:

Though the video accentuates the tragic and highly personal nature of the drawbacks that seem inevitably intertwined with one’s experience of womanhood, the final verse of the song recognizes the extent of society’s progression from previous generations, and expresses a desire to continue this trend in a similar direction. Ultimately, Proto’s “I Just Wanna Walk Home” serves as an emblem of empowerment for women, granting them an opportunity to share their stories. Bringing awareness to these widespread dangers places responsibility not on the women who have been victimized, but on those who are capable of facilitating a societal revolution. 

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