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kaleo break my baby Þrídrangar kaleo break my baby Þrídrangar

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Kaleo performs “Break My Baby” atop Iceland’s historic sea cliffs



Featured Image by Baldvin Vernharðsson

Icelandic rock band, Kaleo, takes COVID-19 safety measures to daring distances — specifically 4.5 miles into the sea and 120 feet above the waves.

Known for associating themselves with superior earthly visuals at historic venues, Kaleo’s newest shooting location doesn’t disappoint. Their upcoming album Surface Sounds integrates the use of volcanoes, icebergs, and now, gigantic rock pillars. Giving a new exciting meaning to isolation, yesterday morning they released a performance of “Break My Baby” filmed atop southern Iceland’s Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse. The live audio and video were captured on July 5, 2020, exactly 78 years after the finished construction date of the lighthouse.

The blazing guitar riffs and frontman JJ Julius Son’s blues-rock vocals accentuated this track more so than the original studio recording. Kaleo simply shared the following line about the new music video: “This is just the beginning.” Undoubtedly, this left fans even more impatient to experience the band’s rescheduled tour, as well as the rest of their new album. In an industry where the commercialization of music videos leads and diminishes the art, Kaleo comes out, literally on top, to inspire.

It doesn’t get any more rock & roll than this:

You can stream the “Break My Baby” live performance audio on Spotify.

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