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Karmic talk coming together as a band, new music



Lets start with how you two decided you wanted to make music together?

(Laura) Peter, Kyle, and I all met back in 2005 in Music School, so we have known each other for a while. Peter and I started writing and playing music together pretty early on. We had a few projects, and the last one was a duo called Karmic. We decided we wanted to add new elements to our sound so we called on Sam to remix one of our singles. Around the same time….

(Kylee) My original project had recently come to an end. Laura and I had been talking about writing together, with no necessary end goal in mind. We finally set up a writing session and we wrote a song called ‘Animal’ which we are just in the process of recording. Sam, who had already been collaborating with the duo, and Peter ended up taking the track and producing it up, and that was when we saw the spark between the four of us, and the rest in history.

And why the name Karmic? 

(Laura) I thought of it in the shower.  I was just thinking about how you meet people in your life that you feel you’ve known once before and have karmic ties with.

(Kylee) The more and more time that goes by, the name makes more sense, because everything with our project has fallen in to place and we were all meant to go on this journey together, at this time. It’s all karmic.

Who are some of your past influences and bands you really dig currently?

(Laura) Beatles, Zeppelin, Ella Fitzgerald (Sam) Alice in Chains, Nirvana, (Peter) Jimi Hendrix (Kylee) Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, Motown!

(Kylee) We could keep going… We are all over the board, from classic rock, to pop, to jazz, we have been influenced by EVERYTHING at some point

With “Warriors” out this March what are your plans to support the album? Tours? New Videos? Next single release

(Sam) We have a lot of new music coming out this year. There will be cool video releases that we have in the works with all of our artist friends. And we are talking about doing a Fall West Coast tour and another European tour in 2019.

What was the process like writing the album? How do you guys work on the writing process together?

(Kylee) We love getting away to focus on writing. Going to Joshua Tree, Quarantining ourselves in our house for a week, etc, to get a moment in time to really focus.

(Laura) After the tour the flow has been non stop, we just all try to get in the studio as much as possible to record and write.

(Kylee) As for writing, an idea can come from anywhere. Lo or I can think of a melody or lyrics or the guys will com to us with a beat or track idea. And we usually just pick up and run with it from there.

The video for “Higher Self” is pretty awesome, where did that idea come from?

Our friend Rufus Paisley thought up that concept. He is an eccentric artist we were so fortunate to meet and you can expect to see much more from him. He will also be working on a new video for one of our upcoming releases.

 What are your favorite albums currently?

(Peter) Jessica Hoop ‘Memories Are Now’
(Sam) Radiohead ‘Kind of Limbs’
(Kylee) Awolnation ‘Here Come The Runts’
(Laura) Solange ‘A Seat at the Table’

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