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Katelyn Tarver chronicles a battle against the self in her latest single, “Nicer”



Inspired by her mother’s playful comment that she “used to be nicer”—a remark prompted by her decision to honk at a driver who had cut her off—Katelyn Tarver’s “Nicer” delineates her struggle to overcome people-pleasing tendencies that once determined the interactions she shared with others. 

The track showcases the airy quality of the artist’s vocals, as well as her willingness to explore taboo topics through the medium of lyrics. Though the single arguably falls under the category of indie-pop, hints of guitar twang remind listeners of her Georgian roots. Though she laments her former devotion to keeping the peace in social settings, Tarver celebrates the growth she has experienced in her endeavor to achieve true authenticity of the self. 


Check it out:


Originally from Georgia, the songwriter has been pursuing a career in music and entertainment since moving to LA at 19 years old. Here, Tarver’s talent has caught traction with well-regarded figures within the industries, as evidenced by her victory on NBC’s “Songland,” where she was granted the opportunity to collaborate with Old Dominion. 

When reflecting upon her musical production, Tarver notes, “These songs are me making my way through. Giving myself permission to not have the answers. Letting myself feel it all.” With a new album titled Subject to Change scheduled to be released November 12, the singer is sure to deliver vulnerability and relatability to her rapidly-expanding audience.

Stream “Nicer” here.

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