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The Lavender Scare channel Radiohead with new single “Buried Behind Monet”



If you haven’t heard of indie-rockers the Lavender Scare yet, you will soon. The duo (comprised of James Delos Reyes and Luis Servin) released their new single “Buried Behind Monet” and its destined to be your next favorite track. The song oozes Radiohead vibes, which makes sense considering the pair spent years following the band on tour.

Yet despite the Radiohead influence, the Lavender Scare’s sound is very much their own. “Buried Behind Monet” commands a sense of urgency, one demanded by the current state of affairs. Singing “Why play dead?/Hiding from guns and politics”, James Delos Reyes channels his past troubles with his religious and sexual identity.

Check it out:

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